New home walk through power trip

As those of you who hang out in MPSIMS for any period of time are probably aware, the Mullinatrix and I are buying a new house. At this point, we are about 2 weeks from signing approximately 500 pieces of paper saying that we are responsible for inflation, squeaky shoes, and the French just so we can have the joy of paying large sums of money for a roof and four walls. Frankly, our house rocks, but the process of getting there is about as thrilling as a roller coaster at petting zoo.

But, some small sense of satisfaction did come from the meeting with the subdivision superintendent to do the home walk through. This (for those people who haven’t a house buying clue like me a few months ago) is the time when you walk through the house, look at every niggling detail, and then point out what is wrong and what you want changed. Dead plant in the yard? Replace it. Paint on a brick? Clean it off. A little nick in the wall? Putty that bad boy up. The sheer thrill of finding a small spot of paint on an outlet and having the superintendent say “No problem” to my request to clean it off is a thrill after all these weeks of getting my butt kicked in terms of money, meeting times, and stress. I was on such an inspection roll I just wanted to shout “Dance monkey boy, dance!” to see if he would choose a solo tap dance or a sultry lambada with his foreman.

Of course, all of this goes flying out the window next Friday when we have to sign over lots of money, a parent of our choosing, and the hope of living without a mortgage, but for now I am the king of the mountain.

Mully congrats on the impending new home.

Just out of curiousity, which side of town are you guys going to be residing?

Hey everybody in Atlanta and surrounding areas, after Mully moves in, we can throw him a party and trash his house.

Who is with me?


Congratulations Mully! May your home keep you sheltered safe always, and warm in the cold.
Now, just let me know when you sign those papers so i can send you my squeeky shoes to take care of…

If you are among the people who like StrTrkr’s idea of having a house party in the new Casa de Mully, then look for my house in Columbus. For those that are curious about the location, it is off of Webb Gin House Rd in the Lawrenceville/Snellville area.

Dang, Mullinator, I would hate to have to take responsiblity for the French! But I’m glad somebody’s doing it. :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, what the heck is a sdubdivision supervisor? We had an inspection and such when we moved in, but we never got to order a lackey around to do minor maintenance for us.

Our house is brand new and the neighborhood is in the final stages of construction, so it is new also. I would guess that might be the difference. We didn’t spend much time looking at lived in houses or established neighborhoods, so I am not sure what those do and don’t have.

Well, there had to be some advantage to buying a house. Congrats! Remember, no matter what any of the neighbors say, pink flamingos are ALWAYS cool.

When we did our walk through, the little old grandma in me came out and I found myself thinking “Oh, we don’t want to raise a fuss about this little floor squeak, do we? We’d seem so NITPICKY!” Coupled with this was the fact that they were barely finished in time for us to move, so there wasn’t much TIME to fix stuff and I was worried that being a picky person would mean they’d push back our moving date.

Thank god my husband is neither so nice or so damned STUPID. He was hardnosed–plus he has his builder’s license and an architecture degree so he had some idea what to look for. Yet we STILL missed some stuff. Missing trim, crappy painting under a sink, slow drain in the bathtub, kitchen cabinets missing some shelf center supports (you’d never notice until you load them and they start to sag). Some of this we got fixed under warranty, but not all. Next time we do a walk-through? The contractor is going to be sorry he ever met me. LOL

Oh, but here’s how I meant to start this reply: Congrats!

Congrats, Mully! It’s not like you can call yourself a *real Snellvillian, but at least you have the right address.

Home Field Cafe here we come?

Perhaps so Dr. Give me a month or so to get settled and then I can consider it. Also, the address is technically in Lawrenceville, but since we are in the unincorporated portion we have no city taxation! Whee!!! And, I am almost positive I am the only one excited by that idea.