We bought a new house!

Well - it’s new to me anyways. It was built in 96, but is very well maintained.

Forgive me if i ramble, we are very excited as the deal just closed today.

It has no carpets. All laminate floors throughout with lino in the kitchen. It’s a 4 level split, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths with a walk-out basement to a small fenced back yard. Also, a double attached garage with plenty of storage.

It’s in a quiet cul-de-sac off of a “no exit” crescent and has easy pathway access to a large park trial system only a block away. Light rail transit is only 2K away, or just a 3 minute drive to the park n ride.

The downstairs family room is huge with a spot for my antique Klondike piano and the basement/laundry room is rough plumbed for a 3 piece future “dream” bathroom.

The place was absolutely perfect for us. With no kids we didn’t really want a big yard.

The home inspection passed with flying colours and we move in on Nov 30 at noon.

Although I’ll miss the wildlife in the yard out here in this old farmhouse, I can’t wait to live in a modern house.

Wow. I am agog with all the work I have to do now, so I better start getting packed.

If you want to see some pics, I took some pictures from the listing site and also snapped some pics during the home inspection and I put them on a flickr slideshow here.
(Wave Hi to my real estate agent, who also happens to be my mom.)

Wow. It finally happened. Our dream home. I just had to share.

Sorry if I glurged all over you. :smiley:

Cute as a bug. Is the chamberpot included? :smiley:

On the laminate flooring: If you spill something liquid, wipe it up immediately. My MIL had the dog’s water dish slosh over, and she left the puddle-slosh there, assuming it would dry out by itself, and the floor buckled and bubbled.

Congratulations and good luck! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! It looks very similar to my dad’s place, which is ~130 & 70th, not too far from Londonderry.

Thanks folks! :slight_smile:

Let’s see… So far… I have…

Informed the utility companies.
Sold my junker car.
Gave 12 garbage bags of old clothes to the Goodwill.
Sold all my books/mags/LP’s and VHS tapes.
Bribed my nephews to help me move by giving them my PS2 with 6 games.
Notified Canada Post.
Moved my bank and prepared my bank draft.
Booked the phone/internet installer.
Sold my junk truck.
Gave a buddy’s kids some old furniture I didn’t want to move in to the new house.
Bribed another buddy with beer to help me move.
Took out a home insurance policy and forwarded a copy to the lawyers office.
Wrote up a co-habitation agreement with my girlfriend at the lawyers office.
Adjusted my will to add the house.
Donated all the furniture I am not taking to to a local charity.
Bought 200 bucks worth of plastic storage bins.
Packed all the kitchenware we won’t use this week.
Packed all the clothes we won’t use this week.
Packed pretty much everything we won’t use this week.
Sold my Ski-doo, Quad, and Lawn Tractor.
Sold my fridge, stove dishwasher, washer and dryer.
Burned and took to the dump a bunch of old junk that I couldn’t donate.


What did I forget?

Wishing you a lifetime of luck and joy in your new home. :slight_smile:

Nice house. I like the kitchen.


What a warm, inviting house! Congratulations to you on your new house. So exciting!

What a beautiful home! :slight_smile: Congratulations.

Thank you all!

The move is over! Finally.

All the large stuff has been moved in, and just a few items remain at the old farmhouse. I have until Jan 15th to finish that up.

There was a casualty. My large two piece bookcase is now a ten piece shelving unit, but all in all - not bad considering we didn’t have to pay a mover.

My feet hurt. My back feels like I’m 99 years old. There is still a lot of decorating to do…

But I don’t think I have ever been happier in my life.

Congrautulations! I missed this thread initially. Very darling house! I hope you’ll be very happy there!