Tygr and I have a Home

Ahhhhh, yes, we are the proud new owners of a mortgage and the house that goes with it. :smiley: We signed the papers Tuesday afternoon. We are so excited. **This is our first home ** (as if you couldn’t tell by the excitement we have shown in recent posts). :slight_smile: Currently, we live in an 800 sq ft rented condo. There is no space for anything. I have dishes (clean, of course) sitting on the counter, because there is not enough cabinet space. Now, we OWN tons of nifty cabinets with roll out shelves and corner cabines that roll out. YIPPPPEEEEYAAAAAYYYYY!!!

Tonight was the first time we went back since we signed the papers. We went by ourselves. It was so great to walk in, look around, feel the space and realize…this is Our home, all ours. We love it! :slight_smile:

Now the move in process…We set off bug bombs tonight and will air the house tomorrow. Seemed like the smart thing to do before we put stuff in there. Then we go to clean and actually need to pack quite a bit more. I can’t believe how much we have packed in here. Then, we watch the weather to see when we can move. Go figure, they are calling for thunderstorms and snow this weekend; Only in NC and only us…Could someone work on tossing us a break soon?..Wait, :smiley: Polycarp already did. BTW, Poly, thanks a ton for the tip. We will see how things go tomorrow (fingers crossed and prayers said). Either I or Tygr will post post-interview.

Oh and we still need to get a fridge, really quick. Shopping for washer and dryer, but gotta have a fridge.

I am so exicited, wait, did I say that already. Sorry. I am too excited to not keep saying that I am so excited.
hehehe Squeak & Nose scrunch

Congratulations and good luck to you two.

Hoorah and I am so jealous (same situation, small condo with nowhere to put the sewing machine, computer and drafting table).

Best to you both ad good luck with the septic lines (any problems after the previous owner drove over them?).

Congratulations! I know that our first house was a really great experience. You’ll have a great time. You’ll be amazed how much HGTV will become your first choise in television. You’ll also be amazed how fast you get on a first name basis with the guys at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Again, Congratulations!

Whoo, none of you people told me that moving into our first house was actually gonna be WORK. That’s the explanation for my not bein’ around the past several days.

My brother-in-law has imparted to me what may be the greatest advice for home repair, specifically in regards to painting - get drunk first.

Seriously. Saturday we went over to do the preliminaries - she cleaned kitch & baths while I began repainting the master closet. Sunday morning I woke up feelin terrible. Ached all the way from the base of my skull, past my tailbone, down through my ass. Church was really tough… We’re Lutherans, so the service goes like stand, sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel… My back felt, well, godawful.

But the closet wasn’t finished, so before we set out again for the house I grabbed the remainder of a six-pack of Beck’s Dark and some other stuff. Once at the house, I mixed myself a double-strength mudslide and grabbed my rollers & brushes. I shortly forgot about the molten bar of iron in my back. In fact, once I got into the beers, I finished off the closet and tackled the pantry (with no prompting!).

So, now y’all know our secrets for a productive move. Drink as much as you can.

Bearing that in mind, here’s a question: Are any of you larger than 6 [sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub] feet and 300 lbs.? And do you like home-grilled barbecue ribs and all the beer you can drink? Available this Saturday?

Why do I ask? Well, see, we own this sofa - ok, it’s more like two recliners with a center console. And we need help getting it out of our basement apartment. We can’t afford to pay professional movers, but we’ll feed anyone brave enuf. Don’t worry, it only weighs about two-thousand pounds… MY weedy little arms ain’t able to even slide it across the carpet.

Of course, the only way you’ll get the ribs is if you help me put together our new smoker-grill. :smiley:

Stay tuned, true-believers! More news later on this NBC station…