New idea for a cartoon based movie

The city is overridden with crime and the cops are helpless.

Their salvation is…a janitor


With a rap version of “Kung Fu Fightin’”

Animated or live action?

If live action, I could see Fran Drescher playing the female cop.
Who would you cast as the police chief?
More importantly, who would you cast as the cat?

No, no, go with the Bus Stop remix of Kung-Fu Fighting. Much better than some half-baked rap remake…

I was thinking live action instead of Scooby-Doo CGI.

Busta under a ton of latex appliances.

Huh. I just checked, figuring there’d already be a Hong Kong Phooey movie in the works, but there isn’t! Somebody in Hollywood isn’t doing their job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Busta is a natural. But I think this might be a better vehicle for Snoop Dogg.