What cartoons would make good/bad live action films?

I’m pretty sure Scooby Doo is gonna be crap, because, well, shit, nobody can take an idea and not fuck it up when they convert it to a big screen movie adaptation. But just out of curiosity, what movies do you think would make an actually decent live action film, and which ones do you think should be avoided at all costs?

Something like the Smurfs. Sure, the Smurfs and the Magic Flute was a fun film, and could do well, I suppose, but you know if Hollywood got ahold of it, it’d be some post apocolyptic film where the Smurfs are demonic little military experiments gone wrong that now ravage the remaining human populace under the rule of their Queen, and it’s up to one crack team of soldiers to find the “original”, good ol’ Pappa Smurf to help stop the evil hordes and reclaim the Earth. Stupid shit, but you know it’d happen.

Anyone else got some terrified ideas of our childhoods being raped by Hollywood?

Y’know, if I was gonna do “Smurfs and the Magic Flute”, it’d be more like:

Tamino-Smurf (played by Handy Smurf) endeavors to escape from a huge snake. He falls unconscious. Heeding his cries, the black garbed Ladies-in-Waiting of the Queen of the Night (Played by Brainy Smurf (in drag) ) appear and kill the snake. The ladies sing of their joy in foiling the snake and of the good looks of the man they have rescued. They hesitantly leave him. He awakes to see a Smurf covered in feathers dancing towards him. It is Papageno-Smurf, the Queen’s bird catcher. Papageno-Smurf tells the stunned Tamino-Smurf that he is in the realm of the Queen of the Night…

and so on.

Mozart-Smurf would be know to his graveyard companions as “Whirligig Amadeus”, but there you are.

Fenris, despoiler of masterpieces

*If this actually is the plot of The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, I’m gonna be ill.

I Bet Rocky & Bullwinkle would suck…oh wait.

The Simpsons would suck on toast as a live movie. The idea had been bandied about at one time.

It seems to me that there must be at least some human type character (even if it is just the villain) to make a live action cartoon movie. Can anyone think of a live action cartoon movie without human characters?

I suppose Smurfs could work out if you included Bobby De Niro as Gargamel.

Frankly I am surprised they haven’t done a live action of the GI Joe cartoon series. The characters would lend themselves very well as human characters on the silver screen. Plus with all this fighting terrorism and emphasis on patriotism it would sell.

I could imagine if they made something like Dexter’s Lab into a live action movie. It’s possible… : all you need is a freakishly short little boy who has amazing abilities to speak atrociously, a tall and skinny little blond girl with a voice that carries, and a monkey who can save the world. Who says it can’t be done?

Also, it would be neat to see Johnny Bravo in live action. I wonder how the the casting would be managed. . .

Live action Underdog would be cool.

Moose and Squirrel would make a terrible live action pair.
It was obvious to all, but we had to be shown that the hard way. Why?

I think Transformers would work as a live-action film, but I’m biased, since I was asked to do a story treatment for such a beast. :smiley:

And I thought the live-action *Rocky and Bullwinkle could have worked, if they hadn’t tried to do real-life versions of cartoon slastick (such as the disappearing helicopter) and opted instead for an Airplane!-style comedy blitzkreig…

The Simpsons will be good, but where the hell are they going to find yellow people?