Live action cartoons I want to see/never want to see

Based on the track record, I shouldn’t want to see any, but I would someday love to see a live action Kim Possible and maybe Totally Spies (I’m being sexist aren’t I?), and maybe Tom Terrific.
I don’t want to see Rugrats, South Park, Phinius and Ferb…

Kim Possible was a fun show, so yeah, I’d be interested in that. I’ve never seen Totally Spies, so I couldn’t say anything about that. I can’t think of any others apart from comic book adaptations.

Want to see: Samurai Jack.

NOT want to see: Spongebob Squarepants.

I can’t think of any cartoons I’d like to see live action versions of, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see The Incredibles, Final Fantasy, Laputa or Warriors of the Wind.

How about Toy Story?

Oh–Half Life 2. Does that count? I saw a short live-action clip where Alex gets the gravity gun and uses it for the first time, and it was freaking amazing. Kind of dubious about the impending World of Warcraft movie, though.

Speaking of Tom Terrific, how many of us kids who grew up on Captain Kangaroo can remember trivia about Tom?

I can still recite, from memory, the little ditty of Crabby Appleton:

My name is Crabby Appleton
I’m rotten to the core.
I do a bad deed every day,
And sometimes three or four!

I love cartoons, and I can’t think of any that I’d like to see in live action. What’s wrong with them being cartoons? Feature-length movies of some of them could be good, if they’re done well, but trying to adapt them to live action just adds unnecessary complications.

I’d like to see a well-done, well-written Jonny Quest. With a sort of retro-futurist look to it.

Well, in today’s climate, they’re going to have to be adapted anyways, as traditional animation is all but dead in movies. Especially the types of movies that revive old properties–since the point is to make money on the nostalgia factor. And CG is where the money is at in animation.

There has been talk of a live action Cowboy Bebop movie for years. I’d love to see that.

The live-action Flintstones movies were – ah – okay. Didn’t totally stink. So, on that basis, I’d give a chance to a Jetson’s live-action movie.

Yes, they’ll probably muck it up and it won’t be any good – but the principle has been demonstrated to be possible.

Second Hermione’s suggestion of Jonny Quest! That could be fun!

I never saw the Thunderbirds movie. How was it?

A “Herculoids” movie without animation of some sort would be next to impossible. What, guys in big rubbery suits like the old Godzilla movies or H.R. Pufnstuf? No, this would have to use computer animation for the monsters. A purely live-action version would be just stinking awful!

I’d like to see a Gummi Bears live action movie. As long as it wasn’t set in New York.

John Boorman’s Gummi Bears might be interesting…

Anyways…the live action cartoon I’d never want to see? G.I. Joe. The effects technology is about caught up by now, sure, but the right time to do it was no later than about 1992.

I know, Watson. I do know… :frowning:

Live action Shego, on the other hand, leaves me cautiously optimistic

DO NOT WANT: A live-action Thundercats movie. I’ve seen the YouTube clips and whatnot from fans, but still…you can CGI them, or go with the original animation, but to costume real-life actors as Lion-O, Panthro, and the rest…it’d just end up being Barf from Spaceballs.

*Cheetara cosplay, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable in the right circumstances.

Unfortunately I did (on a long plane flight). It was awful (except for the machines). Mind you, big fan of the original supermarionation show.

In the right hands, Beanie and Cecil could be amazing. Not sure whose hands those might be, however. But start with Neil Patrick Harris as Beanie and go from there.

Another vote for this.
As for one I never want to see in live action:

Clutch Cargo.

I’m still waiting on an actual Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

What about a live-action The Venture Bros. movie? Yay or nay?

You knew I’d bring that up, right?