New iPhone firmware update

Version 2.2.1 was released today , apple claims that it fixes some bugs with pictures and email,and adds further stability to Safari mobile.

Certain owners are warned however , to await further testing on the new firmware update to assure that apples quality Control does not in anyway infringe on the operation of native and third party applications.

Is it just me, or did that EULA seem really pronounced this time around , I cant remember that in 2.2 even though it was probably there.


I hope it’s talking about the glitch where one iPhone user takes a photo, emails it to another iPhone user, and upon saving the photo from email, it becomes blurry. That’s truly irritating.

Off to update to find out!

I really hope they fixed the glitch that causes pictures to be randomly attached to emails.

HAH! That reminds me of that Yahoo! answers thread I saw on reddit the other day – the parent concerned that the son had a “secret girlfriend” because they found gay mags under his mattress; clearly, some secret deviant girlfriend brought them in and left them accidently.