New Irefox™ problem/question

I am back on dial-up ( sigh ) and in an effort to speed my internet experience up, I am trying to do the Firefox™ thing.

Several downloads and reinstalls and tweaks later I am still having on problem.

If I get online (aohell dial-up ISP ) and launch irefox soon after, it comes up, goes to my home page ( Google) and works just fine…

If I wait and read mail and some message boards and then try to launch irefox, it comes up and seems to go to the home page but the little blue progress bar never goes out as it should/does with a 100% load. Page looks loaded.

I can try to go to other places and it just sits there and laughs at me. :frowning: No matter the close and open tries, nada. I must do a complete shut down and reboot to get irefox™ to fly properly.

I three finger saluted and find that with all things closed, Firefox™ is still on my running apps.??? wtf???

If I get it going right away and keep it in use, it does fine, but let it ( irefox™ ) sit, or leave the computer on for with no apps running and try to re-launch or if I left the apps running and try to use it, nada, locked up and a reboot is the only thing that will get it going. Everything else and all the other browsers work just fine.

I did try to kill it with the three finger salute and got that to work after several tries and then got aohell back up and it launched okay but the messing required takes longer than just shutting down and rebooting.

This happened on the first installation, 9.1 .xx and also on the second installation, 9.2.xx. I’ve got the latest version ( free ) ( no mozzilla just irefox ) and I’m wondering what the hang is all about and how to fix.

This is all on an old 600hz AMD, 512+ meg ram, 100hz buss, 40 gig HD blah, blah

Win98-se with all updates and patches and stuff and such.
Ad-ware and Spybot, ZoneAlarm ( older version with no troubles at all ) and I scan and defrag regular.

Been fighting this a while, Irefox™ is the only thing that ever acts this way.

Got IE, Oprah, Irefox, AOHell as browsers and use all four for different things.

Any ideas, experience or solutions with same type trouble?

Bumping this up, still needing help.

Usind a similar system, bit quicker but not much, no problems observed, running 0.9.3 since last week.

If you have Spybot, use the ‘running processes’ tool to kill Firefox and restart. May even show you some running processes you didn’t know about and don’t want.

Shortcuts the reboot nonsense.

Thanks… so far so good… Hope I don’t have to delete and re-download Irefox™ again… Dial-up sucks so…

When I had this problem it was due to installing a program which required JSlib but not having JSlib, what I did was a completely clean reinstall, first uninstalling FF then going to C:\Doccuments and Settings\Username\Application Data then deleting the file “Mozilla”, you will lose all cookies, bookmarks (non-IE bookmarks and cookies that is) and extensions including the extension that killed FF. It’s extreme but it works.

In the above post “installing a program” ought to read “installing an extension”

Hummmmm …

Why post here and not on the Firefox forums? Seems like you’d get better help there most likely.

I don’t want to hijack your thread, but how did you get Firefox to dial up the connection? I just downloaded FireFox 0.9.3 and installed it, but if I’m not dialed into the internet, it just tells me that the page couldn’t be found. I have to use MSIE to connect, and then use Firefox. I looked in Tools -> Options -> Connection Settings, but there didn’t seem to be anything about making a dialup connection.

I’ll check out the FireFox forums as well.


Pardon if I’m not catching your drift, but you start up IE to get the dialup connection dialog?

You can get a shortcut to the dialog itself by going to Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network & Dialup Connections [the last part varies by Windows version.] You should see a dial up networking icon for your ISP account.

Create a shortcut on your desktop or toolbar. When you want to use Firefox, dial in first, then start the browser.

I don’t launch FireFox until I’m connected to the ISP.

Have noticed one thing, if I close with the button on the task bar and the right click and never go near the ‘X’ in the corner, it behaves much better in general. I don’t gdet leftovers when I 3 finger to check. Will be experminting more with the delayed launching hangups.

I’m able to use FireFox if I first launch MSIE to get the dial up prompt, and then open FireFox. However, it seems like I shouldn’t have to do this. It seems to me that FireFox should be able to prompt to dial my internet connection when it sees that there isn’t one, like MSIE does.