Finally dumped AOL. How do I sign on with my new ISP? Do I have to change names or can I keep my name. I would hate to loose my post count, I’m trying to keep up with handy.

Not to worry, mate. You don’t have to change a thing! Depending on the browser you use, the cookies are probably still in place, and you can log on to the SDMB as normal (your username and password might even pop up upon typing the first character of your name, when you use IE5). If for some reasons all cookies have been eaten, just log on using your regular name and password. A change of ISP doesn’t bother us here.

Unless you start creating havoc, of course. :wink:

Just change your email address in your profile. Click on Profile, enter your name and password, and erase your old address and put your new one in.

You went to 1000 with that post.

Thanks Lynn & Coldfire.