New kitten, this is Lucy

“My God, it’s full of treats.”

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Those pretty blue eyes remind me of my flame point Siamese, Zircon. I named him because of his eyes!

RIP Zircon, 2000-2013


Lucy in the sky with Diamonds.

Pretty girl. :relaxed:

Seriously pretteh kitteh! congrats!


Lucy is adorable.

(I wonder why the picture doesn’t show up unless you clcik on it).

Let it be officially noted that today, June 12, 2020, running_coach undeniably won the internet.

Very nice, but is there just a single picture? More, please!

Yes, we need more pics! She’s adorable. :slight_smile:

More Lucy

I have no clue why the first two pictures don’t show up but the third one does.

So cute!!!

If Lucy would like to come to summer camp at my house, my three kitties would love to have her and they promise to teach her lots of human-vexing tricks.:cat2::cat2::cat2:

I’ve only had her two days, and she’s learned plenty of human-vexing tricks.

Dang! I thought I could get my hands on her! Remember, if you have to go on vacation, I do winter human-vexing camp too. Tuition waived of course.

Those bewitching blue eyes…