New kitty -- name suggestions welcome

I kinda want his name to be Harvey, and then you can call him “good ol’ Harv” because mellow is as mellow does.

I’ve also always wanted to name a striped cat Spot. Because cats can be perverse.

But maybe his name should be Marvel for superhero.

@eschrodinger, that seems to me like it’ll definitely work out among the creatures. And yup, you know what you’re doing; I just got unreasonably worried there for a minute.

And you were able to give him a bath, shortly after he’d first met you, and no blood was drawn? That’s one polite cat! (It obviously wasn’t fear of what you might do if clawed; that’s a very unfearful cat in the photos.)

He looks like a Phil to me!

What a sweetie.

I was going to suggest “Flex” for the same reason.

One criterion I use when selecting a cat name is how well it adapts to nicknames. For example, my cat Zoey is also known as Zo-Zo, Zo-zo-zarina, Zomeister, etc.

What a handsome boy! How about Buster, since he gets along with your kids so well? PK and Buster.

Super suggestions. Thanks, all.

[fill in the blank] the Death Bringer

I think he looks like an earnest 19th-century gentleman in a pepper-and-salt sack suit with the white shirt front and whiskers, and needs an earnest 19th-century name. Thurber, Homer, Oswald, Asa, Thaddeus, Erasmus, Granville.


Norbie Worbie the Death Bringer. What’s the problem?

I don’t know why, but when I saw his photos, my first thought was “Reggie.”

Regardless, he’s a good-looking kitty. Good on you for looking after him!

I thought Pretzel had it in one. What a nice thing OP family is doing.

My mind says “Seamus”. No idea why.

Another vote for Bandit.

My vote is for “Pretzel” as well.

Given that he came to your attention by not getting hit by cars, The Artful Dodger, shortened to “Art” or “Dodger” per your preference, seems appropriate.


Oooo, this is a good one!

I once knew a cat that looked like that; his people called him Siddhartha, a real mouthful for a cat name. I would have gone with Sidney, but it wasn’t my cat. I’ve read that pets respond better to names ending in a vowel sound.

Thanks for all the suggestions.