Help Me Name My New Kitty

I get home from the grocery store tonight and as I’m unloading the car I hear a cat meowing. I meow back, and the cat makes a warbling “meow” as she comes running over to me. We continue to talk as I finish unloading the car and head towards the front door. She follows me up the steps and as soon as I open the door, runs in and heads for the kitchen (smart kitty, eh?). Setting my groceries down, I pet her, and noticing that while she appears to be full grown, she’s little more than bones and fur, so I crack open a can of tuna, set it on the floor, and she proceeds to devour it rapidly. Apparently, she’s decided to stay because as soon as she finished the tuna, she immediately set out in search of me. At present, she’s curled up in my lap, contentedly cleaning herself when she’s not begging me for attention.

She’s a smoky grey color with light striping on her legs. She’s got a white mustache and “beard”, and one of her ears appears to be broken, but other than that, she appears to be in good health, no fleas, ticks, or mites that I could find. She’s certainly quite the talker. I’ve got no idea of what to name her, so I’m looking for suggestions.

I knew someone once with a cat whose name sounded like Ciati (see-ay-tee) and a dog whose name sounded like Diogi (dee-oh-gee).

Their names were really C. A. T. and D.O.G. but people hardly ever figured it out.

You could always go for “Lucky”, as she is lucky to have found someone like you. But that’s rather mundane.

We took in a dog once, on March 17th, and named her Patty, for the saint. Maybe today is the day for some saint with an amusing or unusual name.

What about “Moocher”? She’s certainly good at it!

If it was a male cat you could do “Riley”, as in “living the life of Riley” Oh heck, it still would be fun.

Whatever you name it, take it to the vet for a checkup real soon. Make sure it’s in good health. It can be really heartbreaking to take it in and get attached, only to find out it has feline leukemia or a host of other ailments where the only humane recourse is to have put to sleep.

Why not Tucker? Lil’ Tucker?


Will do.

She’s only got two eyes, I’m saving that name for a three eyed pet. :wink:

Boo Boo Kitty

Or the full four part name if you’re a Jay and Silent Bob fan.

What about one of the names of the shuttle missions? You’re a big space travel fan, right?

Columbia is a great name for a cat.

Chadwick P. Merryweather, III


If my roommate and I get another cat, we’re going to name it Tofu. I don’t know why, it just came to me. (Just lucky I guess) Of course this is from the same person who decided to name her first dog “Freeway” and her two gerbils “Deosil” and “Widdershins”

Fizzgig. That was the name of the little furball in “The Dark Crystal” :smiley:

Furface. That was the nickname for Einstein, the dog in Watchers by Dean Koontz.


And take her to the doc. Also, stop feeding her straight tuna, that could be bad for her digestion.

Seems like lots of dopers have been adopting kitties lately. You have been kissed by the kitty goddess. I nominate that for a name! Goddess!

You do realize the Boo Boo Kitty thing comes from Laverne and Shirley, right?

I recommend the name Kitty Tartare.


Oh, and before the wrong conclusion is jumped to:

I love cats and have rescued and rehabilitated strays and abused cats. I just have a very twisted sense of humor.

Why just Goddess when you could name her Bast?

'Cause everybody names their kitties Bast. Plus, it’s much more fun to hang out the door and scream “Goddess!” That’s normally how I name my kitties: if it’s fun to scream their names.

Actually, one of my kitties has the coolest name ever. I named her after a demon, because at three in the morning you generally swear you have adopted a demon when your kitten is rushing around your house.

Tell me that’s not cool.

The cat’s name is Vinny VG with Soprano accent.

I acquired one years ago in a similar manner. It had ginger stripes so the kids called it Tiger. It used to turn up to eat most days, hang around for a play, sleep on someones lap and then disappear. After it had been doing this for about 2 years we received an abusive note from some neighbours about how we didn’t care for our cat properly and they constantly had to feed and wash it. When I went and confronted the note writer (a very nice teenage girl) we went around the neighbourhood and found out that 4 families owned the cat. None had ever acquired it, he just turned up. Only a few weeks later the cat died and the girl down the road buried him in her vegetable garden.

Want kitty pic!

My good wife vetoed the name ‘Pants’ for our cat - now called Cookie Monster - so I am donating this to your ickle kitty witty.

Or how about Tunadiva?

Who is everybody?

I’ve never seen a cat named Bast before.

Ooohh, I like that! I gave ideas already, but I like yours better. I second the motion.

A pussy that smells like tuna and you want to name it Tunadiver??

Oh, wait. Let me rephrase that …