Help Us Name Our New Cat

Here is a pic of a similar cat. (the shelter had no online pic of Nina). We don’t care for the name Nina (for a cat). Any ideas? Right now she is perky, friendly and curious, but shy. She is 4 years old. If I had an iPhone or similar, I’d post a pic of her. cat
We have rejected: Sarah, Kobeyashi Maru, Cougar, Leopard, Tiger, Kitty, Cat.
HELP! Thank you…

Skeelers. I always thought that would be a cool name for a cat. It’s a Dutch word for inline skates, but it sounds like a cat. Quick, silent, and sneaking up on you

Marcia, Daisy, Esther, Marjorie, Petunia, Mouse, Claire, Letitia, Buttercup, Cranberry, Pet, Tawanda, Lucy, Esme, Lorraine.

General Sterling Price

Well, thank you all, but the search continues…

‘Hey you!’ ‘Fuzzy lumpkins’

actually, I like ‘Kobeyashi Maru’ - “Kobie” for short

Pictures are needed to gain a better phsychic vibe from your kitty!

Paimon, the Roarer

Andras, Sower of Discord

Barbatos, Finder of Treasures

Morax, the Astronomer

Belial, the Tempter

Forneus, the Rhetortician

or heck, plain old


I am offended you did not choose “Mouse.” :wink:


Well, if Nina doesn’t fit how about Neener? Neener! Neener! Neener! It just rolls off the tongue.


The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.


Let me explain.

I named my first cat Hobbs because I found her as a wee kitten on the railroad tracks. Hobbs is short for Hobo. Naturally, the second cat was then named Calvin.

So why Winter? You’re getting her during the winter from a shelter (Shelly Winters).

But given your name you could wait to see if she tears your house apart and then name her Yoko.

Standard response:

Don’t bother naming it. They never come when you call them.

LOL. I like Yoko… And my best friend as a child had the last name of Winter and they were the ones who taught me to love cats. My mother would never let me have a cat, since she can’t stand them. The Shelly Winters image is just … wrong.

Mine did. One of them even recognized her name if I whispered it. She would also make a very distinct meow if she was laying down and didn’t want to be disturbed when called. It was something of a soulful “mayar”.

She had her day in the sun.

Gives us something to work with.


But only if she is very french and quite, quite mad.

How about a pun name?

Mrs. Whiskers



Well ,well,well Elinorigby your search has come to an end. I know of no feline named “Douche Bag”. From the little bit of info I could gleen,…this cat is clearly a douch bag. Glad I could be of assistance.