New kitty -- name suggestions welcome

Yay for new kitty!

I also like food names. I love “Noodles” and “Pretzel.” I also think there aren’t nearly enough cats in this world named “Taco.”

My husband has pre-named our next dozen cats after MLB Hall of Famers. It’s good we have some choices lined up, because the next cat might not act like a Vladimir Guerrero, you know?

Update: we took Gracie in the room with new kitty, (he’s in one big room plus the bathroom now). She was on a leash, he was free. She got close, and he bopped her on the nose a couple of times and hissed, but then just moved a few steps away and laid down. No big drama. Exactly what I want to see – standing up to her, not running away. Gracie was excited. She wants to really check him out thoroughly. We took her away, as that was actually more greeting than we’d planned. I think it’s going to go very well, though.

Tacocat backwards is Tacocat. We have considered that one. Food plus palindrome is fun.

Themes can be fun, but I doubt I can get agreement on one.

My wife and I were watching The Great British Baking Show the other day and I joked, “We should name the next cat ‘Zabaglione,’ and good luck giving that to the vet over the phone!”

But that would probably work better for a cat that’s mostly white.

I shared the photo with my wife, and at the second photo she named him “Twizzler” - as he’s twisty and sweet. She also endorsed the suggestion of Pretzel. I think ‘Twister’ would work as well, because it looks like he’s playing it.

That is possibly also a cat checking to make sure, while the dog’s on a leash and a human’s right there, that he can bop that dog on the nose and that the dog will recognize his right to do so instead of responding with teeth.

Good dog, Gracie!

He is Paul.

I agree with this. I look at that pic of his handsome face and immediately think “Holmes old boy, I do think its time for a spot of tea” in a really badly muddled english accent.

So, “Holmes Old Boy” is my suggestion.
I’m guessing he’ll tell you his name in due course.

It might be Hamish also

I’ve enjoyed following this thread.

I’m currently taming an older feral kitten who’s taken up residence in one of my outbuildings. I first spotted him cruising around in the pasture about 3 months ago. It’s taken me all this time to get him to come for food when I call. He still makes sure I’m back in the house before he’ll approach and eat. He’s cool with me so long as there is a barrier between us, but has gotten used to me watching him eat.

He’s jet black with yellow-green eyes, short-haired and tall. I’ve struggled to come up with a name for him and there are so many good suggestions here! So far, I’ve resisted going for Goblin or Whisper, though I think either could be suitable.

I haven’t managed to get a decent photo of him, I’m afraid. He’s awfully skitty.


That’s a good suggestion for his personality! Shadow it is. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey, and I hadn’t even met him! – though you had told us that he’s (she’s? have you gotten a good enough look?) a feral.

LOL, I haven’t gotten a good look, but shortly after I first saw him, he cruised up to my woodshed and gave one of the support beams a good spray. So I’m assuming male for now. :slight_smile:

Aw, that’s awesome!

P.K. is black, with yellow eye. Black kitties can be so gorgeous.

Best of luck with your feral friend.

PK and Shadow are definitely relatives somewhere along the line – they could be twins, except for Shadow having an extra eyeball and not one hair of white on him. He’s a true black cat. PK is beautiful!!

This morning, Shadow was waiting for me outside the glass door to my kitchen, ready for breakfast. Last night at Second Dinner, he was comfortable with me sitting outdoors close by – but not too close by – while he ate. We’re supposed to have warm days tomorrow and Saturday. I plan to spend part of them just sitting outside to let him get more used to me. We’re making progress.

Thanks for letting me horn in on your thread and find a perfect name for my Shadow!

That sounds like major progress. It’s a very nice thing you’re doing.

The more, the merrier.

I think we are probably sticking with Ollie, short for Oliver because it suits him and everyone can agree on it. I’m not sure it makes sense, but it makes me think, too, of roly-poly. I don’t pronounce it so that it rhymes with that, and it isn’t quite a visual rhyme, but I still associate them.

My daughter is sad that he won’t be “Stripes” anymore, but I told her he can still have nicknames. I’ve never had a cat that had fewer than 3 names that I used on a regular basis.

Sir Oliver P. (Last name), Ollie, Mr. Stripey-Pants, Stripes – I think all of these will likely get used regularly.

I have somewhat the same sense, which is what led me to Oliver. He’s a little too goofy to have quite so serious a name, but a sort of Oliver Twist idea fits for me.

Thanks again, everyone. He’s met Gracie now enough times to know they’ll be fine together. He’s also stuck his paw under the door at P.K., and P.K. has just investigated it. He didn’t flip out, growl, hiss, or run away, so it’s looking really good on that front. We’ll probably start introducing them tomorrow.

Not to mention this guy:

I see your friend has his very own, personal cardboard box.

Mr Wriggly aka Wrigglesworth

Surprised that the poem, “The Naming of Cats,” hasn’t come up yet, but your comment …

… reminded me of it. The first four lines, in particular:

– “The Naming of Cats,” by T.S. Eliot.

How did I not know of this poem? Thanks!

In return, I offer this: xkcd: Words for Pets