New kitty -- name suggestions welcome

Always loved this one.

I don’t remember reading it, but I’m sure I have, a good while ago. It may have subconsciously affected how I said that.

I’ve read a lot of Eliot.

Oh, there are always many kitty cardboard boxes around, any one of which he makes his own personal box, for a while. The rest of the time he’s either occupying his little cat bed, or the entire giant dog bed (by curling up in the middle) much to Gracie’s consternation.

In case you, or anybody else, wants to know, “The Naming of Cats” is contained in Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. It contains Eliot’s poems about cats, and it formed the basis for the Broadway show, Cats. It’s a fun read, and is a lot lighter than Eliot’s other works (“The Hollow Men,” “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” etc.).

My father used to read it to me when I was a child. One of my favorite memories.

So, I may not update for a bit, as I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed. P.K., who is supposed to be indoor only, but is an escape artist of the sneakiest, most darting kind, got out last night. It’s especially dangerous as he lacks depth perception.

We found him this morning, lying in the window well for our downstairs bathroom. He didn’t come when called, and didn’t move when I went to get him.

He’s been at the emergency vet all day. Likely hit by a car. He has bruises on his belly, and an injury that sounds somewhat like a sports hernia for a human – abdominal wall torn away from his pelvis.

He’s getting supportive care now in hope he can have surgery tomorrow.

As most relevant to this thread, the window to the downstairs bathroom was open, and my partner first spotted P.K. because Ollie was lying against the screen on the same window well. They were lying right up against each other, with the screen between them. I think Ollie kept P.K. company, and helped keep him warm during the night. I’m guessing they will be pals, or already are.

Oh, no!! Damn, damn, damn. Poor P.K. Poor you, too.

Lump in my throat at Ollie’s support.

I hope all goes well with the vet and that P.K. has a full recovery. Shadow and I will keep good thoughts.

I’ve always been fond of Thackery

Oh no! Sending healing thoughts and purrs your way.

Thanks. I’ll try to update tomorrow when we know more.

Hope he makes a most speedy recovery!

Hoping very hard that P.K. will have a fast and easy recovery.

And glad that he had Ollie to lie next to him and keep him warm.

This ^^

Holding all of you in the light.

Sending healing thoughts to little P.K.

P.K. is stable today, but we still haven’t heard from the surgeon. They must be busy, which puts him low priority. The doc who called this morning said his bruising looks like he was hit by a car, but she was surprised he didn’t have any broken bones, so it’s also possible it was a fall, and we’ll just never know. He has climbed high up a tree before, and needed help to get down. He’s very clumsy for a cat. Not sure if it’s because of the one eye, or if he has one eye because he’s clumsy.

Ollie got to be upstairs last night, since P.K. is away. He was exploring a lot, of course. He slept in my bed part of the night. Some of the time, he was next to Gracie.

He still gives Gracie a nose bop when he wants her to back off, and she does. They’re figuring each other out, all pretty politely. He horned in on Gracie’s dog food from her treat ball this morning (maybe two kibbles), and other than looking at me, like, “are you letting him do that?” she was fine with it. This is why she’s called Gracie the Wonder Dog.

Very glad to see that P.K.'s stable; making it this far is a really good sign. Is it possible he’ll recover without surgery, given proper care otherwise?

Just talked to the surgeon a little bit ago. The x-rays showed a danger of his bladder herniating through the tear in the abdominal wall, so he needs the repair. He’s doing really well, they just had too many life threatening emergencies today to fit him in.

She said he probably benefited from the extra rest before the surgery.

He’ll have surgery tomorrow morning.

We’ll have to confine him for 4 weeks afterward. He and Ollie might be switching places. :slightly_frowning_face:

Fingers crossed; but that seems really encouraging.

Thanks for the update!

What a good dog! Please keep us posted on your little fur family.

P.K. is through surgery. He did well. The repair was a little complicated. (And seems it would likely not have healed on its own.) The surgeon said often there’s some tissue still attached to the bone, so the tendon gets sutured to that tissue to reattach it. P.K. managed to tear all the tissue off the bone. So, they had to make 7 small tunnels through his pelvic bone to attach the sutures to. Then, they attached a biological mesh to reinforce the repair.

The surgeon said she was able to see while she was in there that it didn’t look like he had any injuries to his organs.

He will probably come home tomorrow, though there’s a small chance he can come home tonight.

He’ll be staying downstairs with the quarantining part of the family. Once their isolation is over, we’ll just have to spend extra time down there. I may sleep down there sometimes to keep him company.

I really hope it makes him scared to go outside, but it probably won’t.

I’m relieved to hear he made it through. Cats can be so smart and yet so dumb!