New lead in the Wichita Serial killer "BTK" hunt

Thought I’d put this update in this forum. Here is a link to a thead I started back in May. Rather then ressurct the other thread, I decided to post an update. They seem to have narrowed the search down, and found a line to trace now. News story. WSU still has a large attendence, so it’s still a lot of sifting. I’m just glad that they are making progress, and wish they could have made this progress decades ago.

I know what BTK stands for, but every time I see it I think it has something to do with Burger King.
Anyway, thanks for the link.

I’ve been wondering what was up with BTK lately.


BTK has sent another letter. Here is a link to the update page on the Crime Library article about the case. This page contains various links to news articles etc. pertaining to the investigation.

They have made an arrest in connection with the BTK investigation, and the FBI has removed evidence from the person’s home! They also may, or may not be doing a DNA comparison. Police release personal details about BTK, provided by killer himself. Man in custody may be linked to BTK. Search for BTK killer continues. Man on BTK suspect list refuses DNA test.

Do they have to print that kind of crap verbatim? Sheesh.

That’s the way a large amount of people in this state speak. :eek: :frowning:

More updates on this case, they may solve it yet, and put BTK behind bars. Police Investigate What May Be BTK Package

I hope they finally catch that guy. He scared the crap outta me when we were living in Wichita. We used to shop at the Dillon’s store that was half a block from where Nancy Fox was killed. I spent a lot of time at the public library downtown. I probably saw the guy at some point. Even after 20 years the whole thing still gives me the creeps.

He seems to want to be caught now. Why doesn’t he just give himself up?

Since Zabali_Clawbane didn’t point this out, I guess I’ll have to: that guy arrested a couple of weeks back and presumed to be a strong BTK suspect has long since been cleared and released. Wish the local media could end its circle-jerk and show a little restraint.

I couldn’t agree more, Mudd. The glorification of stupidity continues. :rolleyes:

I provided a link to the CourtTV news page on the BTK case (in a previous post) which is updated frequently, (as in, as soon as there is more news on the case) so if you’d troubled to look at the link, you’d have seen that I tacitly supplied the information. I didn’t point it out directly this time, because I figured anyone who was keeping an eye on the case would click the handy link I supplied above to read the compiled case on CourtTV.

Hmm, ok I saw that the BTK case on CourtTV’s Crime Library was updated (it sometimes takes them a few days, but usually not) so I opened it. It doesn’t have the latest update up yet, nor does it have the specific update on the DNA, so here’s a link about the person who was arrested’srelease. Also the police’s media statment about the reports.

FBI to analyze suspected BTK package.

BTK investigators turn focus toward journalists

BTK Investigators Target Media, Police in DNA Sweeps

They’ve announced the arrest of a person who is being charged with “at least 10” murders, or to qoute the Wichita Police Cheif “BTK is arrested”. Storyhere, and here. (Neither requires registration.)

It doesn’t look like they can pursue the death penalty for this though. I hope they have actaully caught the one that committed those crimes, and I wish they could catch the criminals that do these things sooner. :frowning:

He confessed to six of the slayings?! :eek:

Dratted spin, wish they’d not even bother reporting it unless the DA confimrs it, and it is rather early for that. It’s still hard for me to believe that they may have caught BTK. He’s been such a “boogeyman” in this state that it’s somewhat hard to process. Wow… They may also be investigating other muders to see if they are connected to him too. Does no one care that they finally arrested a viable suspect? :frowning:

I care Zabali. Seems like they really got him this time. Great news! I can’t imagine the joy and relief Wichitans must be feeling, even if it’s just to bring this dreadful ongoing saga to an end and put a face on the killer.

The circumstances for Rader are completely incrimiminating to my mind but we will have to wait and see for sure. The only thing I was wondering is wether he was married or not in the 70s when most murders took place. The fact that he has a family and kids and was integrated in the comunity is surprising but there was no reason to believe BTK would stand out in any way, quite the opposite.

I was really disappointed to read that he had been previously a suspect, as is so often the case. We still don’t know anything about how the investigation was handled but just browsing through is sufficient to convince me the police overlooked some decent clues, hindsight being what it is and all.

Dennis Rader confessed to killing ten people Monday, June 27. He is the person who the media dubbed the BTK strangler. His confessed "projects are: Joseph Otero 38, Julie Otero 34, Josephine Otero 11, Joseph Otero II 9, Kathryn Bright 21, Shirley Vian 24, Nancy Fox 25, Vicki Wegerle 28, Marine Hedge 53, and Dolores Davis 62. That is more than previously suspected. I think there might be more that weren’t discovered, which we may hear about someday.

I’m glad he’s been caught, and I hope at the least he’s never let out of prison alive.

I caught this on tv, that man made me shudder. No sign of remorse at all as he went into the details of each killing. Totally cold, there is just something so wrong with this man emotionally. It seemed that he did not have any compassion at all, that the people he killed weren’t human to him but mere objects.

I do believe he is pure evil hiding in human skin.


Here is another link to a more thorough account. I agree Ayesha, he’s not right in the head, and for the safety of society, he shouldn’t ever leave prison alive. I don’t know if I can watch his confession after reading the account of what happened when he killed Shirley Vian. At least this boogeyman has been caught.

Personally, I can’t fathom the reason that he’s showing all of his cards. He’s not doing it out of compassion for those related to his victims. He’s not doing it to reduce the severity of his sentence. If he’s doing it for the attention, why not plead not guilty and have the thing drag out on TV for years? Is it that somehow, deep inside him, a part of him actually wanted to be caught? Or what?