New mafia game - anyone mind if I run it?

In light of Pleo’s game before over, I figured it might be a good time! It’s been a long time since I ran a Mafia game or got involved too much with who was doing what, so I thought I’d float a thread to see if it’s all right for me to use a new ruleset I’ve worked out. It’s basically Mafia but with playable cards.

Anyone mind?

If anyone wants to call a slot, you can do so here as well.

I’d play!

Calling my slot, I guess. I really don’t care what the rules are as long as they’re interesting.

Sounds great! I’m in. And if nobody minds, I’m calling the game after that.

I’ll tentatively play.

Can you give a basic description of the rules? Public or secret rules? Post restrictions? Recruitment? Etc…

I’ll post the clear rules before I ask for absolute commitment though, it’s only fair. :slight_smile: Probably early next week. But, the basic plan is this:

The rules will be public, though the entire contents of the card deck will likely not be. Powerful cards and effects are limited pretty significantly and the most significant cards will be revealed at the start of the game. For the most part, the deck is intended to convey mostly small advantages or disadvantages, one-use abilities (typically very limited or with drawbacks) and a few very significantly good or bad cards.

No recruitment or alignment changes.

Cards won’t affect the basic structure of the game in terms of voting, being lynched, etc. By intention, there won’t be any double-vote cards, no-vote cards or avoid-lynch cards. There is only one exception, which is that the owner of a particular card takes on a publicly-known role that enables them to break vote ties.

In terms of posting restrictions, I don’t really have any planned. Post or don’t, as long as you don’t edit posts, you’re fine.

I am planning a no-vanilla game, but other than versions of classic roles like masons/doc/cop/ringleader, pretty much all of the others primarily affect small card management issues (like being able to discard two cards instead of one on your turn, that sort of thing). Some cards can be used only by one or more particular roles, such as cards that modify an existing power to ‘sweeten’ it, or give small related bonuses.

Basic play is fairly limited so you’re not likely to churn through a lot of cards in a game. You start with two cards and can draw up to 5 (certain cards increase the hand limit somewhat). In one night, you can choose to draw a card, discard cards, give away a card, or play a card. Some cards have passive uses, though it’s rare.

The spirit of the game is to be Mafia, and that cards really aren’t going to do your work for you. There are a few significant single-use cards, such as the one-kill Vig type role now being based on a card, but for the most part the core of the game is the same – just with a little bit of flavor added to shake things up.

Sounds like it could be quite a modding nightmare.

We did have a sign up sheet, but everybody seems to be shirking that…

Small warning: The significance of a power depends on the faction holding it.

A one-shot Vig is not all that powerful to a Townie. It can be powerful, but hitting scum is not a given. Conversely, a one-shot Vig is extremely powerful to scum as the power can be used with absolute precision.

Similarly, protective powers are useful to Town but generally not useful to scum.

I say this to warn you about randomly distributing something like a one shot kill to players. The outcome of the game could hinge simply on the fact that the card went to scum.

I’m just here to pre-reserve a slot. =P

I may play, but I do suggest we search and find this thread to sign up for games. It just means one less thread in the Game room, anyway.

Official Mafia Hosting Line

sachertorte, generally one-use cards are intentionally dealt to specific roles at the start of the game.

Anyway, it looks like Red called dibs on GMing the next game in that thread, so I’m closing this for now.