New McDonalds meal - The BTS

The new McDonalds meal debuted today. 10 piece McNuggets, medium fries and a medium drink. Big whoop. But they also debuted two new dipping sauces! Both “inspired” by McDonalds South Korean menu. Say what??!?

Sauce #1 is Sweet Chili sauce. Asian, but rather ordinary.

Sauce #2 is Cajun. Yep, who knew Acadia was in Korea? That aside, this sauce is worth it. Seems to be a kicked-up, cajuned-up take on their already excellent Honey Mustard sauce. Thicker and with a nice little kick, much more than I would expect from McDs.

Anybody else tried it yet?

They had Sweet Chili as a dipping sauce years ago and then discontinued it. It was my favorite one! I didn’t know it was back!

Who knew some Koreans liked eating food that isn’t Korean in origin?

Well, other than a burger chain.

I’ll try their Cajun but I won’t even bother with their Asian, as I know it will be overly vinegary crap.

I’m a hot mustard fan myself. So glad it never got discontinued at my local McDonald’s.

It took some googling to figure out that BTS is a Korean boy band and not an abbreviation for something like Bacon, Tomato and Sausage.

Better Than Sex?

I’d say it is because an American restaurant is copying excuse me is inspired by a Korean version of an American sauce that was imported from a culture expelled from France who borrowed from the Spanish and West African cuisines. If McD really wanted Cajun sauce, they don’t have to go to Korea. The promotion reeks of hopping on the Kpop bandwagon.

I think you’re confused - they’re not saying the Cajun sauce is representative of Korean cuisine.

They’re saying it’s representative of what Koreans like at McD.

If they really liked beetroot on their burgers, it would just mean Australian-style burgers were popular in Korea, not that they were making a “Korean version” of an Australian burger.

The bandwagon is a money train. BTS are huge.

My son just came running to me wanting me to get this for him when it becomes available. Evidently the name link to K-pop is all it took for this chicken nugget meal that he would pass it by every time before to be his favorite meal that he has to get.

I guess we are all a bit guilt of that at times, so I gave him a pass on it.

Well yeah, that’s the point. Did you think the CEO of McDonalds was just a big KPop fan?

But does it smell like BTS? If not, they have some catching up to do.

I tried the Cajun today. Was not impressed. It wasn’t bad, it just tasted like a less good version of their hot mustard. And the sauce tastes nothing remotely related to “Cajun”.

If you get it king sized will they call it the BTK meal? Please say yes.

Some McDonalds restaurants in Indonesia were so swamped with orders for the BTS meal that they had to shut down temporarily.

The article shows crowds of delivery drivers lined up inside and outside.

Don’t think for a second that McDonald’s wouldn’t have launched a Backstreet Boys Meal in 1998 if that kind of cross-promotion had existed at the time.

Or an Osmonds Meal in 1970, for that matter.

It binds, tortures and kills your intestines?

That would have permanently turned me to Burger King. Ugh.

I’m just happy that their orange drink is back.