New NPR News Update Intro: "Live on NPR..." Why?

Has anyone else noticed that the on-the-hour and half-hour news updates, Winsdor Johnston, or Lakshmi Singh or whomever now start with “Live from…”?

I wonder what led to the change? It stands out and, I dunno, doesn’t add value. I guess I always assumed it was live.

As someone who was stuck in a car for 4 hours once and only had NPR to listen to… they repeat A LOT of stories. I think it would serve as a nice alarm that something new is going to be talked about.

I’m especially grateful for it when my local NPR station is running the same damn half hour of* All Things Considered* for the third time that evening.

I will no doubt end up listening to a bloc one morning. If that update is repeated, but “Live” is cut off first, then I will see the value.

On commuting days I hear the afternoon stories twice.