New Peanuts special on FOX Thanksgiving night.

Well, not entirely new, as it came out on DVD earlier this year, but “Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown” will air on Fox Thursday night at 8:30 PM EST.

Grandma Van Pelt is arriving for a visit and intends to rid Linus of his security blanket. Lucy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang try to help him give it up before Grandma’s visit. The story was co-written by Charles Schulz’s son Craig and Scott Pastis, creator of the comic strip Pearls Before Swine.

I’m looking forward to it. The Peanuts gang is always welcome in my house. And I thought I’d alert other Dopers in plenty of time to catch it.

It will depend on what it’s drawing from. If it draws from the old strips it should be OK.

If not, well?

Charles Schulz lost all his good stuff as his kids grew up. He said, he used his children for inspiration for the comics. And reading the old Peanuts books, it’s clear as the kids got older the strip lost it

For what it’s worth, there was a storyline in the strip about Linus’ grandmother trying to rid him of his blanket.


Stephen Pastis


Do we know if Grandma Van Pelt will have a speaking role, or will she just “Wa-wa” like the rest of the adults?

I don’t know but I hope she doesn’t have a speaking role. The absence of the adult voice and appearance in Peanuts was a rule for Schulz. At least for the majority of his output. I remember an off-camera parent speaking at least once in an early strip. And I recall seeing the legs of some adults, in a Sunday strip, during a golf game in which one of the kids (or maybe Snoopy?) was participating. That also would have been in the earlier days of the strip. After that, I don’t think we ever saw any more physical representations of grown-ups in Peanuts.

There were some animated shows produced that had the kids traveling back in time and interacting with historical figures like the Wright brothers, but that seemed so wrong to me that it’s not canon as far as I’m concerned.

I started a thread about this recently: Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe appeared alongside Snoopy in a Veterans’ Day panel towards the end of the strip’s run.

Ah, very good. I’ll quaff a root beer to that. It doesn’t surprise me given his affection for Willie and Joe.

Can you easily provide a link to the thread you started?



Gaudere strikes again.

Official trailer…

I would have done so in the previous post if I haven’t run afoul of the delay in the search function right when I had to leave for work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the thread, and here’s the strip itself.

Sorry, you’re right. I had a brain fart. Or maybe I got him confuzzled with Scott Adams. Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite strips, so I should have known better.

There were two. She buried it in 1961. In 1962, she made a kite out of it and it blew out to sea. I don’t know whether Charlie Brown was envious of her kite-making skills.

It is up against Punkin Chunkin . Forget Charlie brown.

Phbbbt! Punkin’ Chunkin’ will be repeated several times. Easily postponed.

In a move of scheduling “genius” its on at the same time ABC is running the traditional Peanuts Thanksgiving show.

It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the point–Fox wanting to combat the original. Though I have to admit I don’t even remember the Thanksgiving one, just Halloween and Christmas.

I think it was Lucy and not their grandmother that buried the blanket and later made a kite out of it. Linus’ grandmother didn’t like his blanket but even she wouldn’t have been that mean.

A comic resurrected like gems stolen from Charles Shultz’s grave.

Let the poor man & his characters rest in peace!

You don’t remember Snoopy vs. the Folding Chair of Doom?

Well, I’m sure that since it’s his son, they will be respectful of his work and produce a quality product.

Just ask Frank Herbert.