New poster Sear-Pretentious Jerk

Instead of using my name when posting about something I said, he addressed my as “C #133”-first initial and post number. When I told him that I would prefer he just use my name instead of his code/shortcut, he responded with this pretentious crap:

It’s too much trouble to type(or even cut and paste) anyone’s name, but not too much trouble to act like a jerk at length? I don’t give a shit about how he did it at his own board “since the previous millennium”-this isn’t his board.

That fuck better not try fucking with my name. I’ll fuck his shit right up. Fucker.

Sounds like a Sheldon Cooper wannabe.

ETA: Without any of the charm.

For real, the UI here makes it super easy to use folks’ actual names.

His stupid “shortcut” and refusal to quote properly(which fucking contains the name of the person that is being quoted, for fuck’s sake!) makes people scroll back to whatever post he is referring to to find out who “C”, “f”, “GB” etc. are. How the hell is this convenient?

Provoke Czarcasm into Pit response

1,000,000 Durpcoins
Magic Troll Amulet
+1 Socks

How much is that worth in “jugs of ale”?

To be fair, our ATMB FAQ doesn’t seem to mention board etiquette for referring to other posters (“use official username in bold type”), which I think it probably should. And we do sometimes abbreviate long usernames (LHoD, BPC, etc.) when acceptable to the poster.

But the OP is quite right that insisting on using one’s own annoying idiosyncratic conventions after the existing conventions have been explicitly pointed out is the act of a pretentious jerk.

Five to three says that sear will respond to the mod action by whining about the unfairness and inefficiency of it all for at least two more posts. If instead he cheerfully apologizes and proceeds to comply with SDMB nomenclature conventions without any more fuss, I owe him an apology.

ETA: Hoo baby. No crow-eating for me today.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a “suicide by mod” before.

I c & p usernames all the time b/c I am dyslexia and this way I know I am getting the name right . I find this the easiest way to post a person name ! Don’t let the jerk get to you !

His response after Jonathan Chance warns him is almost too precious for words:

Pleases, thanks…and an open threat to troll heavily.
Passive-Aggressive much?

:confused: And why TF is the normally sane kayaker trying to persuade him to change his mind about quitting?

My, what delicate flowers we are.

I very much doubt he’s being serious.

“And will no one will speak for the passive-aggressive jerks?”

Snow+beer+avoiding homework, looks to me.

I see what you did there. It’s like driving a LHD car on the wrong side of the road.


Czarcasm, get over yourself. Are you honestly so angry that someone called you “C” that you had to call a grownup to take care of it? Lots of people do things that make the board harder to read to read. IME, the people that get warned (or banned) are the new members like this person or the one that posted everything in green (insert grapist joke, move on) or bump old threads. The ones that don’t get in trouble are the people that have been around for ever (sorry, no interest in naming names).

But as a random example, how is referring to you/your post as C#133 anymore confusing than discussing a poll thread that’s 3 pages deep and mentioning that you voted for option number 2, but totally disagree with 4. Keeping in mind that that means we all have to scroll back up each time someone says that (also, at least on my computer, they’re not numbered).

Anyways, lighten up Francis.

Refusal to quote properly? How many people go through all the trouble to do the ‘quoth’ bullshit, which makes it so you can’t quote that post without going through the trouble of now unnesting the now messed up quotes? Shall they be issued warnings as well? It also seems pretty pretentious to me, we get it, you read The Raven.

And that’s two votes for the passive-aggressive troll wannabe.