"New Posts" doesn't seem to bring up everything

When I finally figured out what the “new posts” link did, I figued I’d get all the new posts that appeared since my last visit. However, it appears that I’m not getting all of the posts that have indeed been posted. Occasionally, I’ll click a new post request and head into some of the forums and see a topic or two that didn’t make the np list. These don’t appear to be threads that started after I hit the NP link either.

Is this common? I assumed that it was the same cause that doesn’t return search results for everything that should hit (recently, I tried to find a thread I posted to on “troy” using that as a keyword and I got zero results.

Just wondering if I should go back to the old open-each-forum method.

And a nitpick that may just be my comp. Sometimes I click on the view new posts, beside the name of the thread… and I go to the new posts. But sometimes, however, I go to the posts that were my last new posts last time, or maybe a week ago.
This might not be making much sense. But either way, I’m going to posts I’ve already read. But most of the time it works.

Is it cool if I bump this? I find that there is still a huge discrepancy between the posts that are listed in the new posts and what are listed under the individual fora (?).