New season of Big Love premiers monday night

So, Will Bill finally get the upper hand against evil Roman? Will the UEB’s books get sent to the IRS?

Will the third store succeed? And is Margie having a boy or a girl?

And finally, will the extraterrestrial origins of Jeanne Tripplehorn’s eyebrows be revealed at last?

All good questions. But in my cable system, the answers will come **Sunday **night (tonight) not Monday.

Really? I didn’t know cable and satellite systems had different schedules. Lucky you!

So when do you get to see the Sopranos finale and the John from Cincinnati premiere?

OK…I just made a fool of myself on the internets. Big Love is on tomorrow night. My bad.

(Sopranos finale and John from Cincinnati both on tonight)

Hurrah! Oh, frabjous day! :slight_smile: […happy dance…]

HBO moved Big Love, thereby making fools of us all! :slight_smile:

I expect to be prostrate with something after The Sopranos finale, so I’ll wait and watch John later in the week. The reviews have been decidedly mixed. My fear is that if John fails, Milch will lose any influence he has with HBO and the Deadwood movies won’t ever be made.