New Season of Top Shot Starts Tonight.

Red versus Blue. That challenge with the poles and the platforms was hard.


Watched it the other night. This doesn’t seem like a very impressive batch of contestants. Apparently any random cop or law enforcement agent can be on the show. I liked the previous seasons better where, it seemed at least, that the contestants were all experts at some aspect of marksmanship. This season just seems like “People who shoot guns!”.

The weapons this season look pretty cool. The corner shot and the shotgun turret look neat. The christian camp director is going to get run out of town quickly if he keeps whipping out the bible every 10 minutes like he has been.

I love the super-slo-mo shots of things getting shot.

It does seem like they picked anyone who applied. I tried to get a co-worker interested in it - she was considered for the Olympic Archery team (chose not to go because it would interfere with her family life) and is a good pistol shot, so I think she’d enjoy watching the competition last season. She goes to bed too early, though, and didn’t want to stay up and get involved in it.


I don’t know, not a lot of the competition shooters seemed to survive very well outside their areas. Definitely exceptions, but it seemed like a lot of them were tuned in to their particular weapon and could knock the wings off a fly with it, but couldn’t really adapt to a challenge with only getting 10 minutes of practice.

Am I the only one still watching this?

I’d love to see that red headed shit Michael get sent home. Same for overbearing asshole Navy Seal guy.

Christian camp counselor Dustin has turned out to be one of the best contestants. Nice surprise there!