NEW Seven Wonders of the World Unveiled Today - 07/07/07

With the past (New Seven Wonders of the World from Wikipedia), the present (07/07/07) and the future (our planet from the Live Earth concert) what does it mean to you. I haven’t felt this excited since 12/31/99. There are definitely going to be a lot of proposals made today in front of the new seven wonders of the world. It’s a global celebration!
Here are my choices for the New Seven Wonders of the World:

  1. Pyramids of Giza
  2. Acropolis of Athens
  3. Statue of Liberty
  4. Colosseum
  5. Angkor Wat
  6. Great Wall
  7. Taj Mahal

Just think I’ll chip in here about my thread that sank almost without trace.

I don’t really think that the Statue of Liberty should make it at all.

I agree. The Statue has grace, form and huge resonance but it’s not so much of a wonder - perhaps the Empire State or Chrysler buildings in New York should be included as examples of beautiful new engineering?

Certainly The Great Pyramid and Angkor Wat should be there, and pick some really ancient standing stones…

like… oh… Stonehenge?

AND Easter Island!

Not necessarily, there are old stones all over the place. The Easter Island statues are not a bad shout though.

Stonehenge and the EI statues are the only standing stone structures on the list of nominees.

I am surprised by the omission of the Nazca lines.

What about Macchu Pichu?

And what happened to the Vale of Kashmir?

Oh very good one! One of the great why-on-earth-what? Huh! places.

And we have our winners! The only Big Stone is from the 20th century.

Christ Redeemer gets in and the freaking pyramids don’t? I refuse to acknowledge this list.

Oh wait… they were a candidate… but you couldn’t vote for them. :confused:

The statue was my only *uhhh? *

Ditto. I even clicked on the picture to see if maybe it was a lot taller than I thought. Nope, 38 meters. It’s clearly not serious wonder material.

Mt. Rushmore is better than that statue. I pfft in their general direction.


I’m sad that Petra didn’t make the cut, but I’m very pleased about Angkor Wat. Maybe that’ll make the government there sit up and preserve the place.

(ETA) Whoops, I only read the OP and not the actual list. Where can I put my face?

I just don’t get the attributes connected to each wonder. The whole concept seems lame (and putting “joy” with the Coliseum seems a bit perverse – whose joy?)

Maybe it’s just the geek in me, but any any list of the Wonders of the World would have to have to include the Millau Bridge pic pic pic

Oh, and another little European construction by a Brit (Though it’s harder to photograph)

Yeah, Christ Redeemer shouldn’t be there. If the Pyramids aren’t in it, it’s not legit. It’s that simple.

I do like the inclusion of Petra, though. Very “Last Crusade”.

You have chosen…poorly.

Any list of Great Wonders that doesn’t begin with the Great Pyramid is pretty looped.

Yeah, where’s the Internet, and the Manhattan Project, and the United Nations? And the Space Elevator and Cure for Cancer, for that matter.