NEW Seven Wonders of the World Unveiled Today - 07/07/07

OH, the Giza Pyramids are considered a definitive Wonder of the World, being the only surviving one of the original Seven Wonders, so they weren’t up to be voted on in this NEW Seven Wonders.

Been playing Civilization recently?

Swap Angkor for the big stone Jesus, and I’d have no problem with the winners, although I voted for Alhambra over the Coliseum. I’m guessing Brazil has a lot more people on the internet than does Cambodia.

The 21 nominees are here. The great pyramid was taken out of the running at some point during the contest.

Looks like they are doing natural wonders next, so Kashmir should be in the running for that

I saw the Taj today for the first time, it’s a masterpiece, but it’s a tomb and it’s smallish, there has to be something more ‘wondrous’ out there. I think Petra and Macchu Pichu have no business in it either…cities aren’t wonders.

What, no Golden Gate Bridge? Bull. Pure and total. No one who’s ever seen it from Marin, looming out of the fog, could vote against it.*

*Unless they were fanatical pinko scum.

I don’t understand the hatred for Christo Redentor myself - well, I do, this is the Dope after all - but I’m delighted it made the list; IMO it’s freakin’ gorgeous.

It’s not so much a “hatred” for it as there are other, more worthy candidates, I believe.
Really, what I think the problem is, is that we haven’t seen 99% of these places. Hell, I’m sure we could see some amazingly perfect land in China and most of us would be speechless. I’m sure Christ Redeemer is nifty. I’m an athiest, but I’d certainly go see it if I were in town.

Exactly - I’m lucky enough to have seen Christ the Redeemer - and it’s nice enough, mainly because of the amazing setting - but it’s hardly a wonder technically or artistically.
If it had been done with primitive technology then I could marvel at the effort and organisation that had been necessary - but it wasn’t
(The same is true in reverse for the Pyramids; they’re just big pointy things if you ignore the audacity of the logistics involved - there are many more interesting things in Egypt than the Pyramids, but they make the big statement about the nature and abilities of the society that built them)
Alhambra, which someone mentioned up-thread, I found just extraordinary
(You can stand in an amazing space that works by itself – then later see the same area from a different perspective and realise it also works in another way as a background, and again when glimpsed from a window above)

If I recall correctly, Egypt refused to let the Pyramids be considered, saying that it would be an insult to let something that had already been considered one of the seven wonders for thousands of years be voted on. So it’s considered some sort of special case – the one surviving member of the seven ancient wonders.


Christ the Redeember over the Statue of Liberty? I don’t get it; hope it wasn’t some sort of snooty anti-American bias.

Anyway, the list didn’t have the Rodina, the even bigger Motherland statue in Russia.

I’d buy that. I’d like to get to see 'em before I croak, too.

How did *Christ the Redeemer * make the list?! I don’t think of it as a wonder of the world. It’s an icon.

Not unless it starts peforming a bunch of freakin’ miracles ASAP.

It made it onto the list. How’s that for a miracle?

I’ve seen too many Mel Brooks movies. I expected to hear a loud neigh when I typed “miracle”.

I don’t think so. The key to being a “wonder of the world” is visual impact. Not size, not technical expertise, but rather that quality that, when you see it, you can’t help but to stare and go, “Damn, that’s cool!” I’ve never been to Brazil, but from what I’ve seen on TV, Christ the Redeemer looks pretty impressive. The fact that Big J is sitting on the top of a mountain adds a lot.

If you asked me to pick the winner that doesn’t belong, I’d say Machu Picchu. I’m sure Machu Picchu is a neat place for archaeologists, but it’s a ruined city. It just doesn’t have that wondrous quality that the others have. I say replace that with the Pyramids. Still cool after all these millenia, I’d have just declared them a guaranteed “in” and put the other six spots up for vote.

Right. Also, don’t discount the possibility that everyone and his brother around the world who cared block-voted for their “hometown faves” (in Latin America meaning Chichen Itzá, the Cristo and Machu Picchu) and left blank the other spaces, in order to make their vote weigh more. While the Americans were following Paris Hilton.

I recall last year the San Juan tabloid Primera Hora when publishing stories about the contest, spuriously tacked on the Old San Juan walled city as a serious contender, apparentlyu counting on that a majority of their readership (OK, their picture-lookership…) would never bother to look up the actual finalists.

And yes, the Egyptian government loudly denounced the competition and demanded that Giza be taken out of this election.

Christ Redeemer is stunning.I remember looking at the finalists when the list first came out and thought for sure Christ Redeemer should make it.I am glad it did.

I don’t think the picture on the site quite does it justice - from what I’ve seen it looks more impressive from sea level, looking up from Rio.

This Sydney boy did his bit in voting AGAINST the Sydney Opera House, although the local press is aghast and would have people like me strung up if they could. WTF? It’s just a vaguely unusual 1960s building - I don’t dislike it, but it has never moved me, it never swells me with local pride, and it’s apparently a shit of a place to hold a performance due to acoustics and size issues. It’s just another modern building, dammit. So I’m glad it didn’t make it.

The Statue of Liberty should be out too. It’s nice enough, but not exactly a wonder.