New Sitcom "Center Of The Universe"

Was taping West Wing and happened to catch the premere of the sitcom “Center Of The Universe”.

It looks like it was cast by the unemployment office in Hollywood - John Goodman, Jean Smart, Ed Asner, Olympia Dukakis, Dietrick Bader (sp?)…how bad can it be?


Once again, a sitcom with a fat guy and beautiful wife, with quirky elderly parents and wacky siblings…it looks like it was pieced together using discarded plots of Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, According To Jim and other such high-brow entertainment.

Why these good comic actors would lower themselves to do such crap is beyond me. It has a tired format, was poorly written, and sin of sins, unfunny.

This show might be the final straw in the death of sitcoms as we know them.

We watched it and my only comment was “2 seasons”. I’m probably stretching it by giving the show more than one season. The jokes were flat and I only found one or two funny.

The wife and I have been watching Rosanne on Nick at Night recently and the difference is very noticable. In Rosanne, Goodman had Rosanne to bounce everything off of and the timing was great while in this show the chemistry doesn’t seem to work. Might just be the first show when everyone is trying to mesh.