What's this? John Goodman has his own series?

I barely glimpsed a promo this morning advertising John Goodman in his own series this fall. I don’t even remember what network is carrying it.

Does anyone know more about it? Does it look like it might be any good? I hope so, as I’m a big John Goodman fan.

He is the voice of an animated version of one of Seigfried and Roy’s big cats. Not the man-eating one I hope.

I think pugluvr might be referring to Center of the Universe, a new sit-com for CBS. It is in production and has a spot on the fall schedule.

I might give it a shot, though I much prefer Goodman when he is playing an odd-ball rather than a standard character.

A few show details here.

I’ve seen a promo for Father of the Pride. Picture “The Flintstones” meets “The Lion King” and animated by DreamWorks.

They show the promos all the time during “Last Comic Standing.” It look pretty good. I just hope it doesn’t rely on it’s celebrity voices instead of the script.

I love the guy sooo much - now that Oxygen or We or one of those female networks in the high channels shows later seasons of Roseanne a lot I get to enjoy him pretty frequently, but I’ll always go for more of him. I wish he sang more.

But that dosen’t mean I necessarily want to see him voice one of Siegfried and Roy’s tigers.

That was it - Center of the Universe. Thanks, Murcielago. I’ll tune in too and see how I like it.

It was serendipitous that I just saw him on Inside The Actor’s Studio the day before. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, somewhat self-deprecating, and nonplused at the adulation he was receiving from the audience.

It was wonderful to note that his favorite Coen Brothers movie was The Big Lebowski, and that he loves to watch it over and over. He’s part of the cultus too!

He had a sitcom a few seasons ago where he was a gay dad.

I think it might have gone 4-6 episodes before it was canceled.

Normal, Ohio which in the 2000-2001 season went seven episodes with five more going unaired.

I hope it’s not another Fat Loud Guy with a Pretty Skinny Wife sitcom.

Hey, I see nothing wrong with those whatsoever.
~Fat Moderately-Toned Guy looking for Pretty Moderately-Zaftig Wife

Btw, alas, that’s “toned” as in “vocal”, not as in “muscular definition”. Woe is me! G