Car commercial. Who is "Mr. Opportunity"?

I don’t remember the brand at the moment, but some car company has a cartoon hocking the goods, and the voice is so familiar that I’m convinced it’s not a mere character actor, but instead one of those “major celebrity slumming on the commercial voiceover” gigs. For example, at work every day, I hear John Goodman trying to convince me to stay at Motel 6 or something, but never see his face on the ad. Usually I manage well enough in figuring these things out, but “Mr. Opportunity” stumps me.

According to TV Tome, his name is Rob Paulsen.

I knew I recognized the voice! I think it was because of all the TMNT I watched. He was also Pinky and Arthur, from The Tick.

Damn, didn’t know what I was getting myself into with that one. I’m sure I really know him from one of his 174 credits, and even though I know a few of his characters well (Yakko, Pinky and others from Animaniacs, Raphael from TMNT, even Hadji from Johnny Quest), none are quite the same as his voice in teh commercial. Still, good to know who it is.

His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson…

Sorry, I had to.

John Goodman doesn’t do Motel 6. Tom Bodett does Motel 6.

If you’re into voice actors, check out Comic Book: The Movie. Mark Hamill (yes, that Mark Hamill) stars in this mockumentary as a comic-book geek who tries to steer a new Hollywood comic-book movie into a version consistent with its Golden Age version at the San Diego Comic Con. The plot is just an excuse for the various gags and whatnot, but it’s got a truckload of voice actors in starring and cameo roles. Plus you get the fun of watching comic-book pros like Stan Lee and Kevin Smith reminescent on a nonexistent comic-book character as if it were the real thing. :wink:

Paulsen doesn’t have a big role in the movie, but the second disc of the two-DVD set has a 50-minute voice actors panel from the SDCC, and he’s heavily featured in that.

Goodman used to do Chunky soup, but I’m not sure he’s done anything recently. (You could probably use the above link to find out, though!)

I think I hear John Goodman doing voice-overs for either Red Roof Inn or Super-8 motels. I know it’s one of the bargain hotel/motel chains, that’s for sure.