New Star trek Trailer

Looks good. I want a lot of action like it suggests, but I hope JJ doesn’t shake the camera as much as in the trailer.

Other thread fell off the first page. Thought I was first, but no.

They still wear bras in the future? What’s up with that?

Probably has something to do with the Starfleet insignia jumping from one side of the chest to the other in some of the shots. :smiley:

It all looks a lot better in motion than in pictures, looking forward to this :smiley:

Excuse me, I just geeked a little. Trailers always look good, but I must say…that looks good.

Is this somewhere between Enterprise and the original Star Trek? Looks interesting as a renter.

Yes. Its supposed to be Kirk’s first tour of duty on the Enterpise.

Well, they do have that pesky artificial gravity. It’s not like those girls can just float all around the place willy-nilly.

Did you really ask “what’s up with that” when talking about bras? Dude!

What’s the alternative?

Not wearing them?

Jeez, they can generate gravity fields! Use your imagination!

What I wasn’t imagining was that 200 years from now ladies would wear undergarments that look exactly like what they sell now at Target.

It just isn’t the future until I get my flying bra.

Wow, that looks really bad.


If I were female, that’d totally be my new sig line. (“It just isn’t the future until I get my flying jockstrap” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.)

Hmm, the bridge looks like an Ikea outlet.

1:25 : Iron Man makes a cameo.

1:33 : I bet 50 quatloos on the newcomer.

1:42 : Kirk’s libido, rebooted!

Is that supposed to be Uhura in the bra and bedroom scenes? Or am I assuming too much, since TOS had her as seemingly the only black person on the entire ship? I thought she and Kirk didn’t get all intimate until Plato’s Stepchildren, third season.

It is Uhura getting undressed. I don’t think it’s her getting busy with Kirk.

Yeah, who (what?) ever Kirk is straddling on the bed seems to be in a bulkier outfit than Uhura in her Maidenform.

1:43 - so that’s where the Galaxy Quest rock monster ended up!

Despite what Internet rumors may be circulating, all information points to this being a REBOOT, not a prequel to TOS continuity.

There is no “third season” continuity to follow this film. Likewise, there is no “backstory” continuity as the background to this film. There is, apparently, a slight bone thrown to the rabid Trekkie fans, in the form of Leonard Nimoy’s appearance. That is all.

That does not look like Riverside, Iowa in the opening scene and I was there earlier this year!

Other than that – and having Spock go all emotional and psycho – it looks… fascinating. :smiley: