NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 1)

There’s a bill before the Georgia state legislature, among other voter suppression laws, that would criminalize giving water to people standing in voting lines.

The only logical next step is to charge the port-a-potty companies with Treason.

What the actual fuck.

Hmmm… next will it be against the law for people to bring their own bottled water to stand in line to vote. If it’s a married couple, can the wife offer her husband a drink from her bottle. Do they have to prove they’re married. IOW can a non-married couple-- or GOD FORBID!-- a same sex couple share bottled water? We’re getting into very deep… uh… you know… :ocean: :potable_water:

Never mind any of that; who are they going to prosecute if it rains?

After a mammoth afternoon, evening, and night of Senate clerks being forced to read the entirety of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan—10 hours and 43 minutes—Sen. Ron Johnson got bored with his delaying tactics meant to drag out the process. Philip Bump at the Washington Post did some calculations: “Given the current rate at which people are dying of covid-19, that means that about 880 Americans likely succumbed to the disease during” the reading of the bill forced by Johnson. Johnson didn’t stick around to the end.

He wasn’t there to object when Sen. Chris Van Hollen requested that they cut what was supposed to be 20 hours of debate following the reading of the bill down to three hours. No Republican—including Johnson—was on the floor to stop it, so the agreement was made and Sen. Tammy Baldwin gaveled the Senate out. So much for Johnson’s shift system of always having a Republican there to make sure they use up as much time as possible. That could mean the Senate finishes work on the bill relatively quickly, delivering hundreds of billions for state, local, and tribal economies hit hard by the pandemic.

The part I bolded is pretty hilarious. :joy:

Johnson got owned later.He left the floor and a Dem senator proposed cutting debate from 20 hours to three. It passed unanimously, he was the only one present I guess.
“After the all-night reading, Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen proposed that the debate time on Friday be shortened from 20 hours to three and because no one, not even dumbass Ron Johnson was around to contest the proposal, the bill reading slowed down nothing.”

ninjaed by seconds, damn you, and Abbott.

In the US, however, Judaism appears to be second after Christianity. So I think it makes the list.

Just as soon as you’ve gotten the Christian churches to stop fighting over who is or isn’t a “real Christian”, that is.

I mean, in any listing of the ‘X major world religions’ with 5 or more entrants, Judaism usually makes the list for being the/a progenitor of two of the other religions.

Based on the pie chart, it is 3rd, after “no religion”.

To make it really universal you could expand it to the top 365 world wide. So each religion gets a day. I’m thinking that either Christmas or Easter would be a good day for the Christian prayer in schools day. :wink:

So, one day you’d have a Zoroastrian praying in your school, the next day a Scientologist, the next week an atheist, a Satanist, then a Bob from the Church of the SubGenius… oh, and 4/20 would be Rastafarian day, I assume…

Who gets Feb 29th every four years?

Riders of these.

More like 170, which is the approximate number of days school is in session. And since Christian, Jews, Mormons and Muslims have 52 Saturdays/Sundays a year for praying and stuff, we could just exclude them because, redundancy.

Congratulations to MAGA for freaking out about a copyright holders’ decision to no longer publish 6 books in their catalog, claiming the author is being cancelled, and then proving this by having about 14 of his non-racist books appear on Amazon best seller lists.

You showed them! We liberals are owned! And so are the copyright holders, just crying as they are alllll the way to the bank.

Good job, people.

Obligatory Babylon 5 scene:

But that ruins my joke about Christians getting Christmas and Easter.

Wait, so Christians give Jesus a birthday party every year? Okay… but then he rises from the dead and he gets another birthday party?

yes, and they can have a prayer for all of the kids who are in school on those days.

Yeah, that’ll show us!!

And, the next time you click on an ad for some $49.95 gold-plated commemorative Trump coin, and the banner on the ad says “THE LIBS ARE STEAMING MAD BECAUSE WE ARE SELLING THIS COIN SO CHEAP”, that as is so right. There is nothing that owns us more than seeing conservative rubes buying Trump coins with their rent money, it really pisses us off. So buy a whole lot of them, it will make our heads explode.

( I’ve clicked some banners on conservative grift sites, and they all say stuff like this. It’s hysterical.)