NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day (Part 1)

I do think the market for leftist-tinged religious grift is vastly underserved here in America. Any one of us could spin it to a million dollar enterprise w/in a year or two.

There’s clearly a marked difference in the psychology of people of the left versus people of the right (though no doubt there are outliers in both camps).

I mean, I do hope to see Donald and quite a few of his acolytes face legal consequences for their various crimes and abuses of power. But I can’t imagine:

  • buying merchandise that glorifies individuals who might make those legal consequences happen (Letitia James commemorative coins? Georgia D.A. Fani Willis flags? Merrick Garland baseball caps?)

  • thrilling to online messages about how Conservatives will Blow Their Tops when they see I’ve bought any of said merchandise.

And, no, I don’t think I’m unusual in this. I don’t know anyone on the left who spends large portions of their days obsessing about how Trump voters will cry when they hear about any particular new developments. How the people being indicted may be unhappy–sure–but obsessing about those who voted for the malefactors? No.

I don’t care if they cry. I hope they never again vote as stupidly as they have voted in the past (a hope that is probably doomed), but I don’t need them to be ground into dust in order to enjoy my life.

But huge numbers of right-leaning citizens DO appear to need others to be miserable, in order to be happy themselves. The pathology seems pretty obvious.

We know that the Politics of Resentment works, and that it’s certainly not wholly confined to the right. The left employs it, too. (After all, as I made a thread with Schadenfreude in the title, I can scarcely claim to be unfamiliar with the emotion.)

But it does seem clear that the needs being fulfilled by invitations to resent and dislike The Other differ in degree, on the right as compared with the left.

(Could therapy help???)

This goes along with the new word I learned today:

noun: revanchism

  1. a policy of seeking to retaliate, especially to recover lost territory.

“a recipe for deep future resentment, revanchism and renewed conflict”

Used here:

…David Frum, the former Bush speechwriter who was one of the first conservatives to recognize the party’s collapse into revanchism, wrote a column for The Atlantic arguing that Trump’s rise reflects not the tendency of a demagogue to inflame the majority, as the founders feared, but the power of a minority

I was just reading that new thread of yours as you replied (and will return there to post).

Frum is a good source of both less-familiar vocabulary, and common sense. Many of us who post here regularly would NOT agree with him on all policy issues–not by a long shot. But in my view he’s credible as an anti-trumpism figure who is sincere.

He is, of course, the author of the now-famous remark:

So, decided to look up the text of this, to see what exactly was the proposal. Yeah, it really is just that bad:

“(a) No person shall solicit votes in any manner or by any means or method, nor shall any person distribute or display any campaign material, nor shall any person give, offer to give, or participate in the giving of any money or gifts, including, but not limited to, food and drink, to an elector, nor shall any person solicit signatures for any petition, nor shall any person, other than election officials discharging their duties, establish or set up any tables or booths on any day in which ballots are being cast:
(1) Within 150 feet of the outer edge of any building within which a polling place is established;
(2) Within any polling place; or
(3) Within 25 feet of any voter standing in line to vote at any polling place.
These restrictions shall not apply to conduct occurring in private offices or areas which cannot be seen or heard by such electors.”

So, time to Weaponize Capitalism. “I’m not giving them this water, I’m selling it to them!”

Just don’t mention that you’re selling it for a dime. “I’ll make it up in volume!”

Another work-around: lots of bars in Japan don’t sell you drinks directly. You buy a coupon from a machine, and use the coupon to claim the drink later.

So, sell a bunch of coupons in the days leading up to the election, and then do curb-side delivery to those standing in line. “Nope, officer, this isn’t a gift, see? They’ve got the coupon they bought six days ago!” Then subsidize the coupons.

Nah, sell it for a penny. And make sure there’s one of those “Take a Penny, Leave a Penny” trays on the table.

Something like this?

C’mon man - you know that there is an epidemic of thirsty people who get in line to vote just for water. Those folks are easy prey for vote buying Democrats to corrupt.

Can’t make this up? More like ‘don’t have to make this up’:

Repugs are whining about “cancel culture”, but Donnie Jr. wants Cuomo’s book canceled.

A birthday and a rebirthday?

From your link:

So, is he arguing that Crown should cancel their contract with Cuomo and then Regnery should offer him a new contract? Because that’s what happened with Hawley’s book deal.

The “rules”, Dumbass Donnie, are that a publisher can choose to seek or terminate a business relationship with any author based on whether they think association with that author will be helpful or harmful to their brand. That’s it. There is no “rule” saying that Regnery has to refuse to publish Hawley’s book because S&S refused to do so, or that Regnery has to be willing to publish Cuomo’s book if Crown is willing to do so. Publishers are entitled to make their own decisions in this matter without reference to your toddler whinings about what you consider “fair” or not.

That said, I personally wouldn’t care at all if Crown decided to drop Cuomo from their author list due to his negative publicity. There are going to be plenty of important informative books about the COVID crisis coming out over the next few years, and I’m not convinced Cuomo’s would be any great loss.

That’s a great one.

Clearly living your life obsessed with hatred for others results in terrible things, such as big ears. j/k

(Does anyone–on the right OR on the left–see themselves in pieces of humor that skewer traits they possess?)

Lol, all the time.

I believe you.

But I’d bet cash that none of the Capitol invaders see themselves in that Pastis strip.

But then they’ll arrest you for giving pennies as gifts.

These are the people who thought this law about water was a good idea, don’t tell me they wouldn’t stoop so low.

Gifts, hell. Those are actual cash bribes!

Why not just have the polling places make water available? They can claim it’s just another supply they keep stocked, like pencils, “I Voted” stickers, etc.

(On the other hand, Republican vote suppressors could go one further and claim that pencils are a gift, and all voters must supply their own pencils.)

Because it would be inside. People get thirsty on line, and I’m sure they won’t let people inside just to get a drink.

I mean, really, the question really ought to be “Why not have enough polling places that there won’t be long lines?” Because seriously, the situation is well and truly fucked up if people are waiting long enough in a line that they’d care whether there was water available or not.

The answer would be the same, of course - the Republicans want fewer people to vote, because they do better in elections with lower turnout.