New Super Soaker shoots semen all over children

Most likely lots of people who worked on this thing, from design to advertising, saw what it looked like and were simply too embarrassed to bring it up.

Could this be construed, in some twisted court, as some mild form of child pornography? I mean, really, the only thing missing is a penis shaped head on the end of the Super Soaker.

I’m headed home now.

Gonna find that old yellow t-shirt I have hanging somewhere and throw it away.

I don’t think anybody would interpret this as having the intent to arouse any viewer.

And you would know this… how?

A new Super Soaker that shoots semen all over children? Big deal. The old ones were perfectly capable.

You, sir, win the thread.

[joke]With their newfound free time, Catholic priests have begun a new hobby: designing toys.[/joke]

Try the video played to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax

Expect to see a full-line of terrycloth cum rag/beach towels with the Oozinator logo on the next cargo ship steaming out of China.

Good God, Homebrew, that was disturbing as hell.

Funny, though.

True story: the local Toys 'R Us has this commercial running on a loop in the store. I showed someone the other day and they were amazed that children are allowed near this thing.

That was The Slime Pit. I bought it for my son, but there was no female superhero (in my son’s world, anyway). Ahhhh…I loved that toy.

We are all going to Hell. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

skeet skeet skeet!

After the shoot wrapped, did someone throw Li’l Yellow-Shirt® $5, and say, “Here ya go – buy yourself something pretty!”?

“Major pumping required.”


Ya think?

Oh boy. Perhaps it involved a toy-designer or a adevertisement-maker who was planning to leave the job soon?

One of things where I feel it is wrong of me to laugh but I do anyway. Especiallly with the “Frankie” version. :smiley:

Porn directors will be grabbing those up, “Hey, this is a lot cheaper than hiring a stunt cock!”.

I’m glad there were no 10 YO girls in the ad, that would have made whack fodder for some deviated preverts (come to think of it, I guess 10 YO boys will, too.)

That’s one of the cardinal rules of the Interweb:

It doesn’t matter what it is. Someone, somewhere, is masturbating to it.