New Thread + No. of visits.

Why is it that most posts on this site and forum will recieve anythng from about 100 to 1000 views in total before they become old and boring, yet others like Bigtrout’s post titled Head on collision physics has at present received over 4 and a half thousand!

I dont understand why SO many more people have found that particular post so much more interesting than others. If it were 2000 views then OK, its just a popular topic but 4500 odd is just so much more than normal.

I have noticed this happens occasionally where on post is miles and miles ahead of the rest.


The threads you see with thousands of views generally have been featured in “Threadspotting” on the Straight Dope® homepage. People can click thru directly to the thread(s) in question from

But that thread was not featured in Threadspotting.

The reason it has such a high number of visits is that it’s a big, old thread. That is, it originated about 10 days ago (ancient by the standards of GQ) and is kept near the top of the message board by all those additions (notice it’s on its 3rd page, huge by GQ standards).

I got tired of that thread a while ago and stopped reading it, but perhaps there are people who read through all threads by using the “next thread” or “previous thread” options and so up the count even though they don’t actually read it.

Head on collision physics most certainly was in threadspotting. It had a comment like “watch the (something) go at it”, I forget now the exact term that was used. I noticed after that its views went thru the roof, as well as having a bunch of morons posting to it that didn’t read the rest of the thread :rolleyes: