New tour and CD by Security Project (Jerry Marotta, Trey Gunn & Happy Rhodes play Peter Gabriel)

I am ridiculously biased, as a huge Peter Gabriel and Happy Rhodes fan, but it’s been so great to see these loves come together via Security Project. They’re releasing a full-length CD of tracks taken from their tour last fall, and their Japanese tour this past spring.

Security Project consists of long-time Peter Gabriel drummer/session player Jerry Marotta, King Crimson Warr guitarist Trey Gunn, Shriekback guitarist Michael Cozzi, Keyboardist/Eigenharpist/programmer/inventor David Jameson, and guest 4-octave vocalist/musician/songwriter Happy Rhodes. It’s more than just a Peter Gabriel “tribute” band. They all have their own musical careers, but come together to play Peter Gabriel’s early music, as well as early Genesis, Kate Bush and David Bowie, simply because they love that music and have fun.

“The Security Project expertly re-imagines Peter Gabriel’s groundbreaking early output, creating an immersive experience both in performance and on its debut release Live 1. The group goes far beyond conventional tribute band territory, infusing the songs with new arrangements and elements while staying true to the spirit of the material. Gabriel enthusiasts across the board will be taken by the band’s high-octane approach full of drive, determination and energy.” – Anil Prasad, Innerviews

The full-length CD (as opposed to a fantastic 5-song EP, Five, they released a few months ago) is called Contact (you can hear “Lead A Normal Life” at that link, and several other songs at the Five link)

I’m not sure if this is the final lineup for their fall tour, but here are the dates so far. They all have other commitments so can’t do a full-blown tour, but they’ll probably get together in the spring for more shows.

November 2, 2017
Kingston, NY - BSP Kingston

November 3, 2017
Newton, NJ - Newton Theatre

November 5, 2017
New Hope, PA - Havana

November 7, 2017
Northampton, MA - Iron Horse

November 8, 2017
Pawling, NY - Daryl’s House

November 10, 2017
Arlington, MA - Regent

November 11, 2017
2 separate shows
Schenectady, NY - Van Dyke Lounge

November 12, 2017
Syracuse, NY - The Lost Horizon

November 14, 2017
Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom

November 15, 2017
Louisville, KY - Headliners Music Hall

November 17, 2017
Indianapolis, IN - The Irving Theater

November 18, 2017
Auburn Hills, MI - Callahan’s

November 20, 2017
Milwaukee, WI - Shank Hall

November 21, 2017
Chicago, IL - Reggie’s Rock Club

I believe that Jerry Marotta will be doing a drumming workshop in Chicago, but there are no details as of yet.