New type of popup, and how to block it

Lately I’ve been noticing that on certain sites, if you move your mouse pointer out of the active window (say to go to your toolbar, or to click your stumble button), a popup appears. At first I thought it was random, but trial and error has taught me that it is, in fact, set to appear whenever your mouse leaves the window.

I’m sure this type of popup has a name (my googlefu is weak today), but more importantly, I’m hoping someone has found a way to block it! I use AdBlock Plus on both Chrome and Firefox, but no joy. Any help from the millions who teem?

Can you post a link to a site that does this??

I think I know the kind that you mean, but I can’t find them now either. usually they appear on secondary tier media sites that are linked by another site/blog/SDMB/reddit- like Time. But I don’t think they are a mouse over but rather a delayed time popup like 30-60 seconds, that says, “If you like what you’re reading, consider subscribing yadda yadda yadda”. They allow me to get into the article a fair ways before annoying me. My adblocker doesn’t catch them as they are the website address itself.

Is this your experience?

Ah, it’s called an exit popup!!!

Try this: