Popup ads that you have to wait to close? WTF!?!?

Just had my first one, for Domino’s Pizza, when I opened the SDMB. In tiny little words an attached box graciously informed me, “You may close this ad in 7 seconds,” and then counted down from there. Grrrr! How long until we have popups that we can’t close at all, or can’t move out of the way?

I don’t know, but an ad like that would put the product or service on my Permanent Ban List. I would not spend a cent on it again.

There are ads here? :confused:

It popped up when I went to straightdope.com. Doesn’t happen very often.

On the home page, not the message boards. And being a paid-up SDMB member doesn’t stop you from seeing these.

I do not see ads here at all.

I heart Adblock Plus.

Or anywhere.

And that’s why I always run ad blockers. I have a whitelist for sites that I want to support that have unobtrusive ads. The revenue they get is minuscule, but helps a bit. They have to earn the right to get that support from me though, by having: 1) good content that I want to continue to read or view; 2) trust; and related to 2, 3) ads that don’t suck. I’m more likely to support the site directly by buying merchandise, or even just donating a few bucks with nothing in return than I am to willingly view ads.

Any site with ads that are obnoxious enough to circumvent an ad blocker isn’t a site I want to patronize. There have been a couple of places with popups that even AdBlock didn’t take care of. I closed those windows as fast as possible and never knowingly navigated to one of those sites again.

(emphasis added)

Was there some reason we don’t or can’t have a smilie-like “heart” icon? (And perhaps a similar but negative one, having a “heart” with a slash through it?)

As I’ve mentioned occasionally before, I habitually run my browser with JavaScript disabled. This strategy alone blocks a tremendous amount of obnoxious behavior, while leaving largely intact the things I mostly want. There are only occasional things that I really really want to have working right that don’t work with JS blocked. I only enable JS when I know I’m going to need it, like for web sites where I pay on-line bills or order things. Even here on SDMB, things mostly work good enough with JS blocked, although I can’t open spoilers.

On the contrary, some web sites (Yahoo for one) have become so JS intensive that nearly nothing works without it – their new Yahoo Mail is totally unusable without it – and an ever-increasing amount of obnoxious behavior is there and unavoidable. Even such basics as the “sign-out” link won’t work without JS :smack:. And if I have several pages open in several tabs with JS enabled, there is so much JS running that my whole machine grinds to a halt. My solution: Moved nearly ALL my e-mail business to a major provider elsewhere.

What about those annoying “reverse” ads that have you click on “OK” to quit or “cancel” to continue - they really bust my buttons. Took me a number of times to catch on - maybe I’m slow or something, but they got me quite a few times.

You may like noscript, which let’s you specify the use of JavaScript for individual sites. It’s much more convenient than disabling/enabling JS each time in the browser settings.