New "Ultimate Piece of Shit" poster awards goes to...RZA!!!

I have seen lots of posters run off into the hills after saying some dumb shit in my time here. Some desereved it and some did not.

This clusterfuck of a person NEEDS to be run off for his little comment in THIS thread right here. Lets just say it invovles a high profile rape/murder. You know the one. I am not even going to retype what this loser with no taste for jokes and when to tell them said. You can read about half way down.

Im not so good with the obscenities and cuts like some of the vets on this board, but for people that have been out of your “ass chewing” phase for a while, heres a prime poster for you to regain your abilities and test your latest material.

RZA should be banned for that one. Fuck em’.

Well, welcome to your first close contact with a troll. Learn to reongnize the speciaes and it’s varients, that you might avaoid them.

RZA appears to be of the low-power, muzzle-laoding variety. One blast, doing little damage, then a long wait for a reload.

Preview is my friend. :rolleyes:

Incidentally, how do you write a link that goes to a specific post, instead of just the thread?

Repulsive. This kind of slime really needs a cleanup in aisle five.

And a bleach rinse for my brain.

RZA, Eat shit and die, you pimple brained asshole!!

Oh, I’ve been waiting for something like this…

::cracks knuckles::
RZA, what’s it like having only a brain stem yet enough small motor skills to type out swill?

You are boil squeezins wrapped in skin.
I’ve compiled a brief list of things that are better than you.

Explosive diarrhea
The slime that grows at the bottom of a dumpster. In Calcutta. In summer.
The anal gland emissions of a twice inbred dog.
The crusty residue on a crack whore’s panties.

To quote my Southern grandfather “The best part of you ran down your mama’s thigh”.
I pray you don’t reproduce but with the people skills you possess, I don’t really have to worry, do I? Congratulations on winning the coveted :rolleyes: title of Man Even the Hungriest, Most Desperate Prostitute Would Turn Down.
And you suck.

Feh. Garden variety slug-brained troll. He’s not worth our bile.
On a funnier note: damn, Tranquilis, did you type that first post with your feet? :wink:

Hmm, anyone want to bet that RZA is really Jeremy’s Evil Triplet?

Or maybe Uekte?

Thank you, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Save your breath. He’s gone.

Thanks, Euty. Major smooches to you for being on Troll Patrol.

Hi, Space Moose (Love the username! You a fan of the comic?) Glad you could join us. Things aren’t usually this bad.

That mutherfucker needs a thorough ass kicking. The kind that he has to stay in bed from for two weeks to rethink his evil ways.