pseudotriton ruber ruber is being a goober

****Yes, the thread title does make me feel all clever & giggly 'cause I’m so witty and special :rolleyes: Yes, I know I’m a newcomer taking on an established poster who could probably chew me up and spit me out intellectually. I don’t care. His attitude lately is starting to be, why don’t ya pit me, huh? huh? Am I bugging you? Then why dontcha pit me, huh?

He’s bugging me, therefore I’m pitting him.

That out of the way, prr’s latest round of mod baiting begins with this ATMB thread, which he made to protest a spank he got from fluiddruid for taking a threadshit in a Game Room thread about basketball. prr’s post is #26 (because I don’t know how to link directly to a post)

He then starts the ATMB thread whining about “dumb posters can’t make a dumb comment about dummies making dumb arguments in a dumb thread so they’re dumb but MODS can get away with saying posters are being dumb when they make dumb arguments!” linking to a tomndebb post from last year where tomndebb stepped in to curtail a threadjack that was making the thread dissolve into dumb arguments, (but didn’t seem like he was calling the posters themselves dumb)

The ATMB thread progressed as these things tend to do, with half the posters earnestly asking prr “why do you feel fluiddruid was unjust?” and “if you hate this board so much, why post here?” and the other half basically saying “arrrgh, not again!” Such as:

AAAAAAAAnd ignoring the requests to explain, prr returns this:

Oooh, soooo clever, cause you know cunts is one letter away from cuts and if I just HINT that a bad word is spelled kinda like cuts I can imply that all these posters are cunts but if someone reports it they can’t get me for the “don’t call someone a cunt” rule cause I didn’t say cunts, all I said was that someone misspelled a word! Stupid mods!

prr, you’re a grown man, an English professor, an author, and you’ve posted some good stuff on this board. Why, for the love of Krom, are you acting like that snotty, precocious kid at the back of the class that the teacher secretly wants to murder for being such a snide little twit?

If you hate the moderation on this board so much, why stay? If this is some kind of attempt at a flameout or suicide-by-mod, what’s wrong with just, like, leaving quietly? Personally I’d rather be remembered as “hey, I miss him, he was a good poster” rather than “what the fuck happened there? That was some wierd shit!” but that’s me.

Each post has a number in its upper right hand corner. You should be able to right click on it to get the URL and then just use it for a hyperlink.

If he really bugs you I hear he can be bought.

Or just wait. Those whose chief or only purpose is complaining tend to feel the Wrath of the Banhammer [sup]TM[/sup].

The mills of justice grindeth slow, but exceeding small.


Well of course he is trying to get suspended. That is why he has a thread on the ‘Red-Headed Step Child of the Dope’ board predicting that he would get suspended for something he posted last week.

It didn’t get noticed and so he is still yanking the chain.

I love the thread title, but I have nothing to contribute. Except pickles. Here, have a pickle.

Why are you offering mere posters only the SOUR pickles?? All the mods get SWEET pickles, but here we are stuck with only the sour ones. What’s up with that??

I like the thread title too. I smiled when I read it.

And prr is a wanker. He’s one of those posters who mistakenly belives his I.Q. goes up proportionately to the number of times he calls another poster stupid or some variation thereof.

We had a poster pay him $500 bucks once to go away, and it worked for a little while until the paying poster took pity on him and allowed him back.

It’s too bad. His “50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber” thread is gold, and reminded me of the clever, not-a-douchebag poster prr used to be.


Don’t get any bright ideas, the poster in question was Liberal, who has since gone MIA. I don’t know that there is anyone else around who would be willing pay someone to leave.

He’s a twit, but the quoted part did make me laugh. So, he’s got that going for him.

Mission accomplished I see. He’s been banned (or suspended), presumably the outcome he desired).

fluiddruid** just noted in the other thread that it’s a suspension waiting for an admin to change the title.

Yep, thank you, that’s correct. Because pseudotriton ruber ruber has been suspended and can’t defend himself in this thread, I’m going to go ahead and close this one. His suspension is up in one month.