Pseudotriton ruber ruber is admittedly disingenuous.

Here’s the thread where you admitted it.

This, of course, is thread you requested I open for you, since apparently you’re too frail to just open one yourself.

Knock yerself out, jack-hole.

Fucking amphibian asshole. Pits people with little more than a vague link to an 82-post thread without any background or clue as to what’s going on. Probably didn’t get beaten enough as a child.

Yeah, how about giving us a bit of a fucking clue as to what you’re talking about. Some quotes, or links to specific posts perhaps.

Here’s a thread where I posted something that might be pertinent.


I thought I was terrible at pitting people. This might be one of the worst ones I have seen. Are you pitting **Pseudotriton ruber ruber **for his stance about hitting kids or was there some specific examples of him being disingenuous?

You could have actually explained that part and linked to the actual posts or at least listed the post numbers in the thread you found disingenuous.

Instead you come off looking lazy and stupid.

To be fair, though, we won’t really be able to judge this pitting until we see how many posters – perhaps not even yet participating or named in this thread – are warned, suspended, or banned based on this thread or any related ATMB threads. :smiley:

…and your mother dresses you funny.

For the benefit of the viewing public…






It’s really not so interesting as to warrant a recap.

Dull fucking pitting from a petulant child.

In the spanking argument, I’m with prr.

But sorry, buddy, you’re wrong about arguing disingenuously about what someone wrote when you admit you knew exactly what they meant. I can’t stand that. It’s hijacking plain and simple.

Apparently, it’s umbrage season.

It’s wabbit season!

Umbrage season!

Wabbit season!

Umbrage season!

Wabbit season!

Wabbit season!

Umbrage season!

I take great wabbit at this whole thread.

I’ll get my wand and broomstick.

For the record, I am not pitting PRR. I think s/he’s a hysterical drama queen, but isn’t worth my time to pit. I opened this thread at PRR’s request because s/he is seemingly too chickenshit to open hir own.

Once again, knock yerself out, jack-hole.

So then, you’re pitting yourself on behalf of Pseudotriton ruber ruber?

Mawy Whitehouse has taken Umbwage, no supwise there.

No, I’m just interested to see where s/he/it plans to go with this after coming into the thread with a first post concluded by

See, anybody who disagrees with hir is not just wrong, but a “sick fuck.” If you care to peruse the thread, you’ll see that no further posts from PRR rose above that level. This is in addition to deliberately misconstruing what I said and arguing against it. PRR was not exactly covering hirself with glory in that thread, IMO.

erislover later made the same point again I was making, only rather more elegantly.

Don’t make me pull this car over!