I pit pseudotriton ruber ruber

I never thought I would ever actually do an original post in the pit. But this one got me worked up a bit and I believe it worthy of a little smackdown. On a different thread there was a discussion going on of anger management, and this idiot decides this is appropriate:

This was on an IMHO thread by the way. As near as I can tell this rant was not directed to me personally, but to all posters on the thread. So here goes:

While Pseudo you are certainly entitled to your opinion, your lack of respect for the forum you were addressing was appalling and a slap in the face to me, and I suspect the other participants, but I do not pretend to speak for them, nobody elected me to be a spokesperson.

Mr Pseudo in your first sentence you ask the question “Who the fuck cares about this stupid shit?” Well obviously the nineteen other posters did, or the thread would not have existed. Then you ask that we " Stop bothering us with your petty problems" I would love to know who us is, I suspect “Us” consists of one person. Then in a rant that is truly worthy of your intellect, you make a following sentence entirely of the word “hate”. No anger management needed there, clearly you are a together sort of rational human being. Mr. Pseudo you then proceed to ask the audience if we are “denser than a black hole” and continue on to threaten us with violence. Not at all in keeping with the tone of the thread. I take particular notice of being called a “Worthless cowflop”. Let me clue you in pal, you get a 1400 pound cow flopped over onto you it is no laughing matter. Well if it happened to you I would be laughing. What little brains you have would go squirting out your nose, but then again who would notice that small amount of snot? You then go on to demand we do not bother you anymore. I followed that thread from the start and I can’t recall anyone mentioning your name. How in the name of all that is SDMB did having a conversation bother you? Guess what? Nobody invited you!!! Any sane sober member of the public is welcome to join, you have proved that does not include you!

In conclusion I pit Mr Pseudo for being an asshole.



It was a whoosh…

The irony! It burns!

No, no, no! It’s

Whoosh. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In case you don’t know what a whoosh is, it’s just a joke. He was demonstrating your point by acting it.

Now the best thing to do is come in here and 'fess up and smile ruefully and crack a joke about yourself. Otherwise this thread will be three pages long before you know it.

And I’ve been whooshed plenty, too. :slight_smile:

Maybe this pit thread is a woosh too. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Damn! I was hoping I was getting Pitted for something I wrote or said or did or thought or actually stood for, but instead I’ve gotten Pitted for being insufficiently funny.

Actually, I was going to link the post being referenced to the thread about “the joke you made that you most regretted making” because I was pretty sure that someone wouldn’t quite understand that I was trying to do an impression of someone with out-of-control anger management issues responding to a thread about anger-management, but I thought I wasn’t giving the SDMB readers enough credit for subtlety. I even considered that I might get the post reported, and encounter a Mod with a stick up his ass having a bad day (the Mod, not the stick, though I guess that wouldn’t be the stick’s best day either). (Also not the Mod’s ass, which again wouldn’t be the Mod’s ass’s best day, most likely.) But I decided finally I was worrying too much.

thanks for escape route, but I will eat it on this one. I really was mad and thought I did a halfway decent pitting. I got wooshed. Oh well, you can’t be a virgin forever.

There are few crimes worse, on a message board, than being insufficiently funny.

Am I the only one who thinks 1. going into a thread which* by definition * contains *people with anger management problems * and 2. subsequently *teasing them * is perhaps ill advised? I’m honestly shocked that this is the worst of the fallout.

Pseudotriton, you got off light!

And to pseudo, ya got me on that, you really had me wound up. Please do not do that again. I do stand by my pit, if it hd not been in response to a woosh. (Let me save a little face here)

Well, PRR is unquestionably the board’s funniest amphibian, a class of vertebrate not generally noted for being amusing (Michigan J. Frog to one side).

Speaking of which, does anyone else think that Sally Mander would be a cool user name?

You were. I, and my ass, and the stick up my ass (all having bad days, by the way), agreed that your post was attempted humor.

Even if the OP wasn’t intended to be a whoosh, this has got to be one of the funniest thing I’ve ever read on the Dope…

Maybe not, but they’ll be few. More people need to take their daily sarcasm recognition pills.

Yeah, as if. :rolleyes:

okay I got wooshed, is there anyway to escape with a shred of dignity, or do I just have to gut it out?