New user from same household

This has probably been covered before, but what’s the best way to handle it? My wife is signing up for a guest account AS WE TYPE (ooh, spooky) and I would prefer not to get banned for having a sock (even though she IS a sock afficionado).

What’s the straight dope on how to deal with this?

Send Tuba a 50lbs. brick of Godiva chocolate. :smiley: I’d PM/e-mail the mods and admins, just so they know, too.

It’s nice to know, and thank you.

Frankly if you’re a good member of the community and don’t do anything to get on the mod radar screen you could all be living in the same house and posting off the same IP and we’d never know about it. In fact there’s times I wonder if there’s not actually like 10 people and you all post for everybdy and this is all just an elaborate charade as part of a plan of eventual world domination. But that’s another thread.

It’s just when it looks like one person/multiple screen names that we get suspicious.

Thanks for letting us know.

Unfortunately no family discounts so you’ll both have to pony up. Cecil says thank you for your continued support . . . and is there anybody else at home?

The 2 most important things to remember are:[ol]
[li]When you sign in to the Dope, DON’T check the box that says “Remember me?” and[/li][li]Always sign out when you’re finished posting.[/li][/ol]
I’ve seen several threads where a post was made and then the next post will be from the other same household member saying, “Oops, that last post wasn’t really by [other poster’s name], it was really me.”

Can two members be signed in at the same time on the same computer, like in two different IE browser windows?
I’m pretty sure you could pull it off if one of you used IE and the other used Mozilla.

Otherwise you’d be logging on and off all the time and making things unnecessarily confusing.

I’m not a browser expert, but I think if both windows were using the same browser (both on IE or both on Firefox, etc.) you would be having cookie conflicts and interfering with each other. Using different browsers the cookies are stored in different directories, so you should be OK.

You will also be OK if you are using 2 different computers on the same network, whether you have the same browser or not, since cookies are stored on the local machine.

If you have two different user accounts, then yes. That’s how we do things at my house. Since each person’s cookies are kept in a different folder, we can stay logged into different sites with separate accounts without interfering with each other.

So, how do you have two user accounts open simultaneously on the same computer? Are you using Windows or some other OS?

If I recall correctly, there was one thread long ago when two real-life friend posters made a series of rapid fire posts from one computer logged on to two different browsers, somewhat to the annoyance of the powers that be for some reason I cannot remember.

Depends on what you mean.

Windows XP supports multiple user accounts, and you can utilize what they call “fast user switching .” So for example, I log on and then leave the room… my wife comes in and logs in to her account without having to log me off. Voila.

As far as multiple SDMB accounts, I can login to the boards, check “remember me”, and it saves a cookie to my browser’s folder so that I stay logged in. My wife can do the same thing through her windows account, and the cookie gets saved in her folder.

On the Fathom board (which is back up, BTW) we once had a Halloween party and a number of members created second accounts (which is permitted there, within reason) so they could attend “in costume”. There were several times when I was simultaneously logged in and posting under both names using IE and Mozilla.

She’s onto us! Hide the rum!

Too late. I drank it all.

There’s no way she’s onto all five of us. And I have plenty of rum hidden away for just such an emergency, don’t worry.

There’s no way she’s onto all five of us. And I have plenty of rum hidden away for just such an emergency, don’t worry.

Er, I mean…

Heh heh… Um… :smiley:

Is there an echo in here or is it just me?

Is there an echo in here or is it just me?