New username

If my username seems unfamiliar,that’s not because I’m new here;it’s actually because my username has been changed.You may remember me better as "JRyan35."I thought that JRyan35 seemed too obvious,since it was taken from my real-life name,so I decided to change my username to something that is(hopefully)more meaningful and clever.In case you’re wondering,I’ll tell you where I got the name from.I’ve mentioned in a few other places up here that I’m a fan of the music of Steve Burns(“The Guy from Blue’s Clues”),and the name of one of his songs is-you guessed it!-“A Sniveling Mess.”
However,I didn’t pick that username as some weird form of hero worship;I just happened to really like the name.
After all,the name suits my personality perfectly.:smiley:
Here’s a link to the song:
Anyway,I just thought I’d give you guys the news,in case you happen to notice an earlier thread where "A Sniveling Mess"was referred to as “JRyan35.”
Thanks for reading about my Mundane Pointless Stuff.:slight_smile: