What would you think of changing your screen name to?

Although I do not think that I will ever change my screen name, if I were joining now, I think that I would call myself Magical Hambone Joe after a minor character in my most favorite comic strip of all time Fluble.

Maybe Colonel Bleep, the archaic anime cartoon figure (or so I think). But that may confuse other dopers re: gender: http://www.geocities.com/soho/studios/6254/bleep_main.html


Vigilante Cannibal Baker.

But I’d screw up vanity searches for Baker.

The last Son of Krypton

Notice a pattern?

Me - because it would really screw up quoting anything I posted.

** Methinks **. That’s what these Boards are all about.

I wish I’d gone with ** seedy-green ** as an ebay name. Since I buy so many CDS and pay so much green for them. If I ever open a CD Store, that’s what I’ll call it.

Funny you should mention this. I was watching Arsenic and Old Lace last night and remembering my mom telling me that she went into labor with me while watching it. Supposedly if I’d been born a boy my name would’ve been Mortimer. I told my mom that should’ve been my name ANYWAY and have been resenting the fact that it’s not ever since.

So my name would be Mortimer Brewster and I would join CK Dexter Haven in the ranks of posters named after Cary Grant characters.

What would you think of changing your screen name too?

Too Pablitoo, maybe?

Actually, I sort of have. When I signed up over at Fathom recently, I took the screen name “Siege”. It’s a shorter form of CJ, my real life nickname, and, I’m told, it rather suits me. :wink:


I already changed my handle here twice. It used to be cuautemhoc, but then I realized it was spelled wrong, so I changed it, for some reason, to rand 100 (I was learning Perl at the time). But then someone quite reasonably assumed that I was an Ayn Rand fan, and I couldn’t have people thinking that, so I changed it to the correct spelling of my original name, cuauhtemoc. But I would love to change my name to…
Mr. M. P. Simms

But I think TubaDiva would want to kick my ass. What kind of a jackass changes his username three times anyway?

I remember, you screwed up my searches for Ayn Rand.

Madd Skillz

I was just thinking about this today. My new username is from a New York Post article describing Charlie Sheen’s demeanor upon being brought to a hospital after some drug-related episode. It never fails to make me chuckle. It is, of course, the immortal WildEyedAndScreaming. I’m chuckling even now, as I preview.

Mrs Keanu Reeves …

I’ve changed my name once already. I used to be Topaz Antares, but now I am Obsidian Flutterby.

Lately I have been debating between just Flutterby or Heart of Tears which is the name I use elsewhere.

Mebbe Sarafina Pekkala. Only I’m not a Wiccan.

Thinking about it, I quite like the sound of Cecil’s Bastard Son.

Not Michael Ellis

Dazzling Angel Dynamique

Always loved that name. No idea why.

Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans