New Watchmen Trailer(sort of)

I love throwing out straight lines.

Seriously, Jon’s gradual reduction in costume until he just stopped wearing clothes was a great visual way of showing how he got more and more distant from normal humanity and its rules. A bald, blue guy with superhuman powers is one thing, but when he also is totally unconcerned about his dingus hangin’ out while everybody around him is clothed, that’s really off-putting.

ETA: I also love in the book how, when Jon teleports or does something else truly superhuman, people aren’t amazed and delighted – they’re shocked, sometimes physically ill. That might be closer to the reaction if that could happen in real life.

See, that’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be the squid. I understand completely that this isn’t the GN, and so some things will be different. Last time I checked, my name wasn’t Alan Moore, so I’m okay with small changes. BUT…whatever is changed has to keep the spirit the same, and that’s what has me nervous. The squid was brilliant because it totally fucked with people’s heads, both figuratively and, ah, figuratively. (You know what I mean, right?) The reports I have been seeing say that Ozymandias is going to set off nuclear bombs and frame Doc Manhattan, and that’s not cool, IMHO. For one thing, the Russkies wouldn’t think for a second that Ameica wasn’t involved, so they’d go right ahead and nuke us back. Plus, it takes away the oomph of having something even more alien and unknown than Doc Manhattan randomly show up and attack for no reason. PLUS plus, on a reader/viewer only level, the squid proves a point that in spite of all the sex and violence and grit, superheroes as a genre are intrinsically absurd.

Now do you see why I’m freaking out?

Yes, there will be an IMAX version.
I saw Dark Knight on IMAX this past week and they showed a trailer for it (along with a mini-tease Harry Potter VI IMAX).

Well, the linked trailer has been taken down because of a copyright claim by Viacom.

Ah! Trailer’s up on Okay, that kicks ass.

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