New Watchmen Trailer(sort of)

I guess this thing aired on Spike TV. The last 75% is mostly new.

Spike TV Watchmen Footage

When does that nuclear bomb thing happen in the book? That shot of Dr. Manhattan dismantling that tank(or something) is cool!

I don’t recall the nuke going off - perhaps it’s some sort of dream sequence?

My god, what an astonishingly beautiful trailer. Whether or not this movie is actually any good, it will clearly be gorgeous.

The nuke was a dream sequence, from just after Dan couldn’t get it up with Laurie. The Tank disassembly is one panel from where Jon is revealed to the world.

Good Og, I’ve got the shivers now . . .

So was J. Jonah Jameson the Comedian before or after he ran the Daily Bugle?

God, I have SO high hopes for this movie. The previews have been great, but I keep coming back to an argument I had with my younger brother (who is in the film business) that it would be better as a mini-series on cable ala Spawn. He says Watchmen is a niche film, there is no way to make any money on a TV show, and the movie will probably lose a lot of money, but have a decent DVD release. I hope he’s wrong, but I wonder how they can squeeze the books into one movie without leaving out a LOT of the story. I also don’t think modern viewers will buy the alt 80’s theme, people like me who grew up in it will, but younger viewers will just be confused. Case in point, I tried to tell my 14 year old niece about it and she asked who Nixon was…trust me she is a very typical teenager.

I’ve never had much interest in the Watchmen before. I knew it was a much-loved niche comic, but that’s about it.

Holy crap I want to see this movie.

Oh yeah, the trailers are awesome. Zach Snyder seems to have a gift for cool trailers. 300 lived up to the trailers, so I hope he can pull another rabbit from the hat, but Watchmen is a much bigger project. The comic spanned a year, that is a lot of info to condense into one movie.

Please, please, please be good. I love the comics, hell, I bought them back in the 80’s. If anyone can pull this off, it’s Snyder, he really seems to love the comics according to interviews I’ve seen. A director who is intimately familiar with his source material will fight to get it done properly.

[sub]be good, be good, be good[/sub]

After reading some reports that ahem! fell off the back of a truck, I’m a little nervous about the climax of the movie. I’m not sure if/how they can change it without screwing it up, and I really don’t want it to get screwed up. Part of my brains is saying “You know Snyder’s a fanboy, so he will do it justice,” and the other part is going “But what if he doesn’t?! It’ll be ruined!!” Anyone got a paper bag I can hyperventilate into for the next five months?

I know its supposed to be ment as a sort of satire or so, but the music in that Trailer is awesome.

The movie looks very promising, too. :smiley:

Isn’t that pretty typical these days? I’ve read more than once that, overall, the studios now make more money from DVDs than from the box office.

I believe he’s cut out the entire pirate storyline (the comic within the comic). I think the remaining story can be fit within a single movie. I read that Snyder’s current cut of the movie runs about 2 hours and 45 minutes, so it sounds like it will be a fairly long film.

Apparently the current 2h46m running time is without credits and fixes to be the final running time.

Sorry, my mistake, 2h43m.

Best trailer since 300. I’ve been trying to keep my hopes from getting to high about this, but I can’t anymore. I am so freaking excited about this movie!

Giant Doctor Manhattan? Heck yes! Rorschach’s mask looks damn good too. Why does it have to be so long away? 2009 might as well be 2099…

Somebody please tell me they’re doing an IMAX version. Can you imagine that movie on a 72 foot wide by 53 foot high screen with a 70 megapixel resolution? I’d pay $100 dollars for a ticket if I had to.

Well, I’ll spoiler my response.

Would eliminating the squid ruin it for you if they found a replacement plot device?

Now I can’t wait to go home and look at the linked trailer.

I read that the studio wanted to set it in present day (which would require rewriting the whole thing, I’d think), and that Snyder talked them into keeping the alternate-1980s setting. If so, that makes me like Zack Snyder.

I’ve also read that 20th Century Fox is making trouble over the distribution rights.

ETA: How are they handling Dr. Manhattan’s penis?

With lead lined gloves?