New ways to annoy your kids!

Ford Motor Company feature will let parents set limits for teens.


Personally I think it’s a pretty good idea. I just think the volume thing should be mandatory on all vehicles with the car next to you having the control.

When our son is old enough to drive ( he is 10) he shall go to school on our farm tractor.


Call me a cynic but I think Ford is seriously under estimating the resource and ingenuity of teenagers.

Especially spoiled little rich ones.

I love these quotes from kids in the article.

You may have to accelerate to over 80 to avoid a crash? Really?

The system uses a chip in the key. They had better color code the key so the kid doesn’t simply switch keys with the parents.

I can see a way to remedy this excuse. Have an override button that will take note that it was used. And, in fact, the reason the manufacturer decided to max out at 80 is to take emergency acceleration into account. The driver shouldn’t be going more than 70 in normal driving conditions!

You don’t drive on two-lane roads, do you? What’s appropriate for suburbia isn’t appropriate everywhere.

Will this override button be red, and will it have one of those missile switch covers?

I can only assume that the same argument can be used for sex…

But Mom! I had to go all the way because if I didn’t he would have left me for Britknee!

When I was a teenager, I had plenty of time, and lots and lots of motivation. My mother didn’t stand a chance. The only thing that worked were the threats of the Doom That Would Befall Me.

I bet there will be “Hack your MyKey” tutorials online 6 hours after they’re released.

Nah, the teenage kids of the engineers that are creating it are already working on it. It will be available on a torrent before you can even buy the car.

Outside of the cities, the limit on the interstates here is 75. So yes, they could well be going more than 70. I saw an article where that was mentioned as a reason they didn’t pick 70 for the device.

I looked at this and thought, 80, OK that sounds reasonable for a new driver, if a bit slow for major highways but maybe new drivers shouldn’t really be on them anyway, then realized that this was from the US and that was 80 MPH not 80 KPH. Big difference!

I’d like to see a function that records time and duration of any speeds over a pre-set limit. And one of those breathalyzer gizmos linked to the ignition which had to be used with the special key would probably cut teenage traffic deaths by at least half.

If the vehicle has GPS, it would be nice to be able to log into a website and see an account mapped onto something like google maps, of where your teen is going, has been, where they are now, and how fast they went to get there.

If I could have something like that in five years when my daughter is old enough, I’d be satisfied with that alone. Forget Big Brother… more like Big Father. :cool:

Please post your hypothetical two lane road where emergency acceleration to over 80, (from 75) is better than emergency deceleration.
The idea that a semi is barreling down on you with no brakes doesn’t cut it. Just pull over to the shoulder.

eta, someplaces do have 75 mph limit, but not on a two lane road.

OK, now I know you’ve never been on a two-lane before. The fact you assume the existence of a usable shoulder is all I need to know.

The fastest I ever drove on the interstate was 135mph, and I was sixteen. I’d hate it too, but I can tell you the kind of kids it’d be useful for.

I’ve been on two lanes roads before. I’ve driven all over rual Oklahoma on two lane roads.
The idea that a semi going what 90 is coming down on you. Your little car isn’t going to pick up speed from 70 to 90+.
Slowing down is 99.99% of the time the best response to an emergency situation.

Oh and semi trailers don’t go that fast on two lane roads.
So what is you common situation?

Oklahoma? What kind of mountain passes they got down there?

This isn’t about common situations. Acceleration up to 90 is for emergency situations only. The thing is, computers don’t know about emergencies and they certainly don’t know about dying.

So in a mountain pass, accelerating up to over 90 is what you suggest an inexpierenced driver to do?
Just tell me you don’t teach driver’s Ed.

You don’t know what our mountain passes look like. Name me an alternative that doesn’t put you out in the wild blue nothing.

Well, you’ve obviously never driven over the Rockies in Montana.