New Woody Allen - anyone planning on seeing it?

Anything Else, starring Woody Allen, Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Danny DeVito and Stockard Channing opens tomorrow.

I haven’t been much of a fan of later Woody Allen - I loved Deconstructing Harry, and that was what, eight years ago? - but his latest has been garnering decent reviews and looks like it could actually be funny.

This, in particular, looks like it could be hilarious:

(From the New York Times review by A.O. Scott.)

Has anyone else (no pun intended) heard anything about the film? What are your opinions on Allen’s films as of late? Anyone seen a sneak preview and know if it’s worth the $7.50?

If this is the rumored upcomming flick where Christine Ricci gets topless then you bet your sweet ass I’m there.

I’m a fan of Woody Allen’s work, but like you, Jello, I haven’t seen much of his newer work (outside of Deconstructing Harry, which I also enjoyed). I’d be willing to see the movie, but I rarely go to the theater as it is, and I’m not sure if I’m going to go out of my way in order to see it (last movie I saw was American Splendor). From what I’ve seen of the trailers though, it does seem promising with the casting choices and what little of the plot I could divine from the commercial.

Plus, Christina Ricci topless is a selling point. A definite selling point.

I’ve never seen a Woody Allen film but this one looks interesting; I’ll probably watch it.

You bet I’ll see it. I haven’t missed one in ten or more years! Lately they’ve been good, but not great. Hopefully he’ll return to top form with this one.

I think you want Monster:

(God bless her agent:) )

Another bit I liked from the NY Times review:

Here’s the link, BTW:

I’ll be there. I’ve seen almost every Woody Allen movie in the theaters since Manhattan Murder Mystery, and I’m usually the youngest person there.

And if I take my parents, who are also fans, they’re usually the second- and third-youngest.

Plus Christina Ricci is smokin’!

He’s one of my favorite directors, but he’s been hit or miss with me for years. I liked Small Time Crooks, but Curse of the Jade Scorpion was nearly unwatchable. I missed his next movie, but I plan to see Anything Else.

His biggest flaw in recent years has been his tendency to cast himself against beautiful young women as his love interest, like with Helen Hunt in Curse’. Soon-Yi notwithstanding, that’s just not credible to me.

He justified it once in an interview by saying he couldn’t afford younger stars like Tom Cruise; he works for himself for cheap.

Looks like he’s getting around that now by casting Jason Biggs, a rising (but affordable) young actor.

And, I expect to enjoy Christina’s mams in this film, clad or not.

I thought Curse of the Jde Scorpion was pretty funny (although light). Hollywood Ending pretty much bit, but that’s the only one of Allen’s films of the last decade with which I’ve been unsatisfied in and of themselves. None but Husbands & Wives, Deconstructing Harry, and Sweet & Lowdown stand with some of his earlier classics, but most of the rest are still very enjoyable films. This one, however, is getting great reviews even from critics who liked Allen’s last several films less than I did.


Woody Allen = Pretentious Crap

I’m seeing it tomorrow. Like people say about some other film makers, a so-so Woody Allen film is ten times as good as most crap out there. Although there have been some great ones this year (American Splendor, Whale Rider).

Christina Ricci is in it? Yes I am going :slight_smile:

maskedman=worthwhile contributor to this thread

See? Both statements are equally true.


Woody Allen’s films are too wierd for me. When I was a kid I liked “Sleeper” with Diane Keaton. I don’t remember what it is about but I watched it a few times.

I think he is a low-life for having sex with his adoptive daughter and then marrying her! Shame on him. Aarrrrrrr

NO - I do not like Woody Allen, I do not like him at all, not in the Theatre, or a Drive-In or watching at Home.

I do not get his Movies, and I don’t know why Hollywood lets him keep making these weird, strange movies, that no-one goes to see.

Woody is a Hollywood hold-out. He’s strictly NYC.

All I can say is, there must be enough neurotics and psychoanalyst in the world to keep his movies popular.

I still don’t understand how he can be considered a “good prospect” of a parent to adopt 2 children of his own when he had sex with his adoptive daughter and left Mia home with 10 other special needs children.

She adopted most of those kids pre-Woody, as I recall. But I’m quite capable of separating the man from his art. He may be a little weird, but his movies are almost always good. He’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but then, either am I!

Also her adaptation of Prozac Nation (directed by the Norwegian guy who made the original Insomnia), which has been done for almost two years but is still sitting on a shelf somewhere without a solid release date.