New WTC: Would You Work On 110th Floor?

When the new World Trade Center is finished, would you be willing to go up and work on the 110th floor, or any of the upper floors, or even anywhere in the building?

As someone who doesn’t even like to go into high buildings for any reason (even pre 9/11) it would be a nightmare to have to work in a building that tall.

But also as a symbolic target of every fringe terrorist for the next foreseeable future, I also don’t know how thrilled I would be to go up there every day. Not that I think the same will happen - I actually doubt that it ever will…but there will always be bomb threats, fires, wackos doing whatever they can to disrupt business.

So - would you work on the upper floors of the new WTC if the opportunity arose?


I typically will not venture above the 5th or 6th floor of a building willingly. I don’t trust evacuations to work; look what happened in RI with a single floor of people trying to get out. 45 minutes to an hour to descend from 110th floor? No thanks.

NO way, Jose.

If a company that was in my line of work had an office there, I’d be first in line…

I’d work there. I love tall buildings.

But only if I get a corner office. :smiley:

No, I am not working in a High-Rise Building anywhere.

No. I was in NYC for 9/11 last year, lost a friend, had co-workers who were killed, and my panic/anxiety disorder nearly killed me along with my depression from 9/11. I still have nightmares about that day. No way in hell.


My thoughts exactly. Corner office and a parachute.

In a New York minute.

We can’t let them beat us.


If I lived in NYC, I would probably take the subway to work, instead of driving to work, like I do now. My risk of death is highest when I drive my car to work every day. (I believe auto accidents are the leading killer for 24 year old american males.)

The way I look at it, I’d be safer working there, even with an elevated terrorism risk… Cars are more dangerous than terrorists :slight_smile:

Are people really going to be working that high up? I got the impression the tower contained a memorial and the office space was lower.

Absolutely. It’s probably going to be one of the SAFEST places to work in the US when it’s done.

Even though the competition-winning design is to be 1,776 feet tall, it won’t have offices that far up.

Also, it’s not certain this design will ever be built. There’s grave doubt as to whether office buildings that size in lower Manhattan make economic sense, terrorism aside.

Damn right i would. I loooooooooooove tall buildings and great views.

Sure. I’m not bothered by tall buildings or getting on airplanes. Of course, I only have one six-month old roll of duct tape in the house and no plastic sheeting so I’m pretty much flirting with death anyhow.

I’ve never liked high-rises. I don’t like long elevator rides. I don’t like the thought of being crammed into elevators every day to go to and from the office. No thanks.

My office may be old and tacky and crowded, but it’s 5 steps up from the dirt. And we’ve got lots of windows. It has nothing to do with fear and everything to do with convenience.


Yes I would glady work on the 110th floor if my job required it.
Can’t let terrorist scare us.

If I could get a job with an office there, I’d take it. But I wouldn’t get any work done. I’d just sit around all day with a big, stupid grin on my face.

If my job required it, I’d do it. And I have a mild case of vertigo.