New York City Adventures

I was in NYC for one day this week. I arrived Tuesday at 11:15 AM. On that day, I attended a Weight Watchers meeting, ate at Carnegie Deli, took the subway to the World Trade Center site, jumped back on and went the other direction up to Central Park (just in time to see a naked homeless man). I had planned to run in Central Park but some leg tenderness thwarted that.

Later that evening, Billdo picked me up at the hotel; I followed him through the crowded streets to the subway. A quick ride brought us to Chelsea where we met vix and OxyMoron. JohnBckWLD, Canby and Cosmopolitan showed up soon after and manhattan was there before we had finished with the appetizers at Grand Sichuan.

Delicious food and interesting conversation followed… After the meal, we took a quick walk down the street to the Antiques Cafe (I think that’s the name of it) for dessert and coffee.

We lamented the absence of SuaSponte, Eve, Ukulele Ike, Biggirl, Sue Duhnym, Annie-Xmas and Alfalfagene… and others. Topics included the New York Times, newspapers in general, music producers, banhattan, the SDMB is real life!!, flirting, whether off-board actions should be posted, September 11th, Mayor Giuliani (sp?), NYC politics… And tons more I can’t remember right now.

I want to personally thank each of the fabulous and funny Dopers who came out to Chelsea, especially Billdo and OxyMoron for arranging the whole thing. I had a wonderful evening and guess what? I love New York!

Now for the bad news. I caught someone’s stomach flu. Chills, nausea, upchucking… It started in the cab to LaGuardia on Wednesday afternoon; I thought it was just motion sickness but it went to full-blown status yesterday morning. Urgent care will be receiving a visit from me today. ::gurgle::

C’mon, New York Dopers… pipe up!

Or did I commit a faux pas of some kind of which I am unaware?

Was I supposed to buy dinner? A round of shots? Butt pinchies for all?

Awwwww hon, I hope you get better soon! It was wonderful hanging out with you, and we went to Raffaela on Ninth (not the Antiques Cafe) for dessert. :wink:

And butt pinchies, while not neccessary, really are customary whilst one is in Manhattan. But (butt? ha!) we’ll let it slide this time, seeing as how you’re not from 'round these parts.


I am so pissed that my current Jobless Situation casued me to miss such a FINE dinner and BS session. I hate being broke and in college :-X

You know, I didn’t realize how funny that is until you wrote it down – it didn’t even register as you were telling the story! ;j

It was aliens-- they came in a big blinking saucer with warm probes. I couldn’t pull myself away. No, no a 747 landed right in the middle of my livingroom. I had to have a long talk with the FAA. And then I found those missing WMDs and it took a while to get that reward check.

OK, I forgot. But in my defense, this is what I was doing on the 20th so it wasn’t like I was having any fun or anything.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk

Thanks for the clarification, Cosmo… It were fun hangin’ out witchoo too.


Biggirl I read about your moving nightmares… Soon, all will be good in the 'hood, I hope.

Actually, Gazelle, I think you were just suffering from symptoms of New York withdrawal. It means you have to spend more time here.

And, yes, you did forget the butt pinchies for all.